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Past ENVS Internship Database

It is up to you to secure your own internship. Look for an internship that fits with your career and academic goals, as well as your schedule. To help you begin your internship research:

  • Browse the list of local past internship sponsors below
  • Set up an appointment with a Career Readiness Coach to help build your application
  • Use Handshake, the U of O’s open job and internship database
  • Sign up for EcoNews, which will give you up-to-date information on current internship and job opportunities.
  • Watch for campus internship fairs (like Environmental Connect!) with representatives from local groups
  • Peruse the Resources for Undergraduate Students

Below are some organizations that are in Eugene and/or have sponsored UO interns in the past and may have internship openings.

Organizations have been sorted into the following categories based on mission:

Alternate Transportation
Environmental Activism
Environmental Education
Habitat Restoration and Species Conservation
Government and Quasi-Government
Recycling and Waste Management
Sustainable Agriculture/Permiculture, Food Security and Food Education
Sustainable Development and Environmental Justice
Job Placement and Internship Organizations

Alternate Transportation

Center for Appropriate Transportation, Eugene, OR
“The Center for Appropriate Transport (CAT) is a non-profit organization committed to community involvement in manufacturing, using, and advocating sustainable modes of transportation.”

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Environmental Activism

1000 Friends of Oregon, Portland, OR
“Working with Oregonians to enhance our quality of life by:

  • building livable urban and rural communities
  • protecting family farms and forests
  • conserving natural and scenic areas”

Beyond Toxics, Eugene, OR
“Beyond Toxics’ mission is to work for all Oregonians to expose root causes of toxic pollution and help communities find solutions that protect human and environmental health. We adhere to two proactive commitments. Our first goal is to systematically challenge the root causes of toxic pollution in Oregon by changing policies and laws, and our second is to provide grassroots, direct-action on local projects to preserve the environment and protect public health. We build advocacy for changes in statewide guidelines by supporting grassroots partnerships on local toxics issues. By involving affected residents, Beyond Toxics creates larger public support for fundamental changes in chemical use policy.”

Cascadia Wildlands, Eugene, OR
“We educate, agitate, and inspire a movement to protect and restore Cascadia’s wild ecosystems.”

Forest Service Employees for Environmental Ethics, Eugene, OR
“FSEEE is made up of thousands of concerned citizens, present, former, and retired Forest Service employees, other government resource managers, and activists working to change the Forest Service’s basic land management philosophy.”

netCorps, Eugene, OR
“netCorps is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping environmental, social justice and community-based nonprofits utilize technology to help change the world. “

Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides, Eugene, OR
“The Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides (NCAP) combines outreach, education, advocacy and organizing to protect the health of people and the environment by advancing alternatives to pesticides.”

Oregon Environmental Council, Portland, OR
“The Oregon Environmental Council safeguards what Oregonians love about Oregon – clean air and water, an unpolluted landscape and healthy food produced by local farmers. We work to create innovative change on three levels: we help individuals live green; we help businesses, farmers and health providers thrive with sustainable practices; and we help elected officials create practical policy.”

Oregon League of Conservation Voters, Eugene and Portland, OR
“The Oregon League of Conservation Voters is a non-partisan organization with a simple mission: To pass laws that protect Oregon’s environmental legacy, elect pro-environment candidates to office, and hold all of our elected officials accountable.”

OSPIRG (Oregon Student Public Interest Research Group), UO Campus and Portland, OR
“OSPIRG was established by students to animate the University’s mission – to press decision-makers to adopt public interest solutions to our society’s biggest challenges. We do this by combining the energy of students with the expertise and continuity of a professional staff of advocates and organizers who work both on and off campus to advocate for the public.”

Oregon Wild, Eugene and Portland, OR
“Founded in 1974, Oregon Wild works to protect and restore Oregon’s wildlands, wildlife and waters as an enduring legacy for all Oregonians.”

Pacific Rivers Council, Portland, OR
“PRC’s mission is to protect and restore rivers, their watersheds and the native species that depend on them.  We do this for the benefits that healthy watersheds provide to present and future generations – and for the intrinsic virtues of rivers themselves.”

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Environmental Education

Cascade Raptor Center, Eugene, OR
“Through wildlife rehabilitation and public education, Cascades Raptor Center fosters a connection between people and birds of prey. Our goal is to help the human part of the natural community learn to value, understand, and honor the role of wildlife in preserving the natural and cultural heritage of the Pacific Northwest.”

Mount Pisgah Arboretum, Eugene, OR
“Mount Pisgah Arboretum is a non-profit organization dedicated to a mission of maintaining Pacific Northwest plant communities, offering environmental education programs for all ages, and providing facilities for the public enjoyment of its carefully restored and maintained site.”

Nearby Nature, Eugene, OR
“Nearby Nature is a non-profit education organization based in Eugene, Oregon. Our staff and volunteers lead nature walks, teach summer daycamps, host school programs, sponsor special events, teach adult workshops, and work on environmental restoration projects, primarily in the Whilamut Natural Area  of Alton Baker Park. Nearby Nature also serves as the City of Eugene’s official Park Host in Alton Baker Park, maintains an educational Learnscape on the grounds of the Alton Baker Park Host Residence, and is a partner in the Network Charter School.”

Oregon Coast Aquarium, Newport, OR
“The Oregon Coast Aquarium is a private, not-for-profit aquatic and marine science educational facility offering a fun and interesting way to learn about Oregon’s unique coastal ecosystem. The Aquarium is dedicated to teaching marine wildlife and ocean preservation through responsible management and exhibition of marine life. Our objectives are to develop and pursue conservation, education and research programs of local and global significance; to foster an awareness and appreciation of Oregon’s coastal environment, and the interdependence of our global ecosystem; and to serve as a community resource and recreational center.”

SMILE (Science & Math Investigative Learning Experiences), Corvallis, OR
“The SMILE Program is a partnership between Oregon State University and 14 Oregon school districts — mostly rural — to provide science and math enrichment for underrepresented and other educationally underserved students in grades 4-12.”

The Freshwater Trust, Portland, OR
“The Freshwater Trust is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that actively works to preserve and restore our freshwater ecosystems. Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, we build, locally implement, and scale the game-changing tools that will achieve freshwater health. The Freshwater Trust takes a holistic approach to restoring freshwater ecosystems – from restoring a river’s architecture to working with landowners to keep more water in rivers to educating children on the importance of freshwater conservation.”

The Museum of Natural and Cultural History, Eugene, OR
“The University of Oregon’s Museum of Natural and Cultural History protects significant collections, enhances knowledge, and encourages stewardship of human and natural history through research, preservation, and education.”

WREN (Willamette Resources & Educational Network), Eugene, OR
“WREN is 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization on a mission to practice and promote land stewardship through education, partnerships, and scientific research.”

Partners for Sustainable Schools, Eugene, OR
“Partners for Sustainable Schools works to integrate sustainability in all aspects of K-12 education in Lane County, providing young people with opportunities to develop life skills that build wonder, hope, and vision. Through its programs, PSS seeks to empower the youth with knowledge of current ecological issues and how human systems are connected with the natural world and what steps individuals can take to be part of the solution.”

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Habitat Restoration and Species Conservation

City of Eugene Parks Volunteer Opportunities, Eugene, OR
“Throughout the year, volunteers of all ages play a vital role in improving our parks and open space system and reaching out to community members.” Check out Volunteers in Parks, Stream Team and Hendricks Park Forest.

Friends of Buford Park and Mt. Pisgah, Eugene, OR
“Friends of Buford Park & Mt. Pisgah mobilizes funding, expertise and volunteer resources to conserve and enhance the botanical, fish, wildlife and recreational values on Buford Park and other nearby public lands.”

Lane County Audubon Society, Eugene, OR
“Lane County (Oregon) Audubon Society is a chapter of the National Audubon Society and a non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of and education about our natural environment, with a primary focus on birds, other wildlife, and their habitats. We seek to develop a culture of conservation that protects and preserves the earth’s biological diversity.”

Mount Pisgah Arboretum, Eugene, OR
“Mount Pisgah Arboretum is a non-profit organization dedicated to a mission of maintaining Pacific Northwest plant communities, offering environmental education programs for all ages, and providing facilities for the public enjoyment of its carefully restored and maintained site.”

The Nature Conservancy (Oregon Chapter), Portland and various locations, OR
“The Nature Conservancy is the leading conservation organization working around the world to protect ecologically important lands and waters for nature and people.”

Walama Restoration Project, Eugene, OR
“Walama Restoration Project is a non-profit organization dedicated to environmental stewardship and biological diversity through education and habitat restoration.”

Watershed Councils
Watershed councils are locally organized, voluntary, non-regulatory groups established to improve the condition of watersheds in their local area. There are 5 councils in our area, and they occasionally offer internships.

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Government and Quasi-Government

Because there are many opportunities for internships in government throughout the U.S., you will need to do further research to find the right opportunity for you. Here are some agencies to consider:

City of Eugene
City of Springfield
Eugene Water and Electric Board
Springfield Utility Board

Oregon Department of Environmental Quality
Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife
Oregon Department of Forestry
Oregon Department of Transportation
Oregon State Legislature
Oregon Water Resources Department

Oregon Caves National Monument
Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service
U.S. Department of Interior, Bureau of Land Management
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

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Recycling and Waste Management

BRING Recycling, Eugene, OR
“Our mission is to help people understand how the stuff we use shapes the planet we share. We provide conservation education in the schools and community; recycling information and services; expertise for businesses; and a resale outlet for used building materials.”

City of Eugene Recycling and Waste Prevention, Eugene, OR
“To meet the state mandates for recovery, the City of Eugene Waste Prevention and Green Building Program is utilizing the service models outlined in the guide2Green program including outreach and education, technical assistance and training, and grants and incentives.  By implementing this three-fold approach, we are looking to increase community awareness on the continued economic and environmental benefits of recycling.”

St. Vincent de Paul Society of Lane County, Eugene, OR
“St. Vincent de Paul is Lane County’s largest nonprofit human services organization, helping over 84,000 people annually. We accomplish our mission in six core areas: Affordable Housing, Emergency Services, Homeless Services, Recycling Programs, Retail Thrift Stores, and Self-Sufficiency Services.”

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Sustainable Agriculture/Permiculture, Food Security and Food Education

Aprovecho, Cottage Grove, OR
“Aprovecho is a non-profit research and education center located outside of Cottage Grove, Oregon. Our 40 acre rural campus is the classroom for our ongoing educational programs. At Aprovecho you will experience live working examples of Appropriate Technology, Sustainable Forestry, Organic Agriculture, Permaculture, and the interconnectedness that is shared by these systems and with the land.”

Food for Lane County, Eugene, OR
“We accomplish our mission by soliciting, collecting, rescuing, growing, preparing and packaging food for distribution through a countywide network of social service agencies and programs; and through public awareness, education and community advocacy.”

Sustainable Food Trade Association, Eugene, OR
“The Sustainable Food Trade Association is a non-profit trade association dedicated to helping the organic food trade transition to more sustainable practices and raise the bar across the food industry.”

Lost Valley Educational Center, Dexter, OR
“LVEC … function[s] as an educational entity providing examples of how humans can successfully live simply and well within their ecosystem.”

Organic Materials Review Institute, Eugene, OR
“Founded in 1997, the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) provides organic certifiers, growers, manufacturers, and suppliers an independent review of products intended for use in certified organic production, handling, and processing. OMRI is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. When companies apply, OMRI reviews their products against the National Organic Standards. Acceptable products are OMRI Listed® and appear on the OMRI Products List. OMRI also provides subscribers and certifiers guidance on the acceptability of various material inputs in general under the National Organic Program.”

School Garden Project of Lane County, Eugene, OR
“The School Garden Project is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that helps schools create and sustain gardens where hands-on learning connects students with their environment and local food system. We provide advice in school garden design and construction, to work in gardens, distribute material resources to local schools, and coordinate garden-based education programs that serve more than 800 students annually.”

Willamette Farm and Food Coalition, Eugene, OR
“The Willamette Farm and Food Coalition is a community based non-profit committed to developing a secure and sustainable food system within Lane County, Oregon. Our projects and services facilitate greater understanding of the social, economic, and environmental impacts of our food choices, and promote the purchase of locally grown and produced foods to keep our farms and food businesses viable and to strengthen the local economy. Our members represent a diversity of stakeholders in the local food system including: farmers, food processors, distributors, farmers’ markets, retailers, restaurateurs, institutional food buyers, consumers, anti-hunger advocates, children’s health advocates, faith communities, agricultural scientists, and sustainability educators.”

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Sustainable Development and Environmental Justice

Environmental Law Worldwide, Eugene, OR
“The Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide (ELAW) is a global network of human rights and environmental advocates who use law and science to advance environmental justice.”

Volunteers for Peace, Belmont, VT
“Volunteers For Peace promotes International Voluntary Service as an effective means of intercultural education, service learning and community development. We provide projects where people from diverse backgrounds can work together to help overcome the need, violence and environmental challenges facing our planet. Our projects are truly a microcosm of a world where nations join together to improve life on our planet.  They are a practical way to both prevent and resolve conflict. By participating in a voluntary service project, volunteers help sow the seeds of a better future for us all.”

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Job Placement and Internship Organizations
“Our focus is helping quality job candidates looking for green jobs connect with eco-employers who care about the environment and have green jobs to fill.”

IE3 Global Internships
“Through IE3 Global Internships you earn academic credit on your home campus while gaining professional experience abroad. Internships are available in a variety of private-sector companies, nonprofit organizations and educational institutions around the world.”

Student Conservation Association
“SCA provides college and high school-aged members with hands-on conservation service opportunities in virtually every field imaginable, from tracking grizzlies through the Tetons to restoring desert ecosystems and teaching environmental education at Washington, D.C.’s Urban Tree House.  We are truly building the next generation of conservation leaders.”
“Sustainability professionals design the world’s environmental solutions, create socially responsible public policy, and develop businesses that serve the triple bottom line. Is sustainability a part of your future? Get access to leading sustainability degrees, sustainable careers of the future, excellent learning resources, and an understanding of what sustainability really means.”

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