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The Environmental Studies Program trains leaders in creative problem solving, critical thinking, and responsible citizenship.

Building on the University of Oregon’s long tradition of environmental research and activism, our program sets the standard in interdisciplinary dialogue and collaboration with more than 100 participating faculty from thirty campus programs and departments. ENVS degree programs are flexible and tailored to meet specific educational and career goals, providing students with the opportunities to work alongside world-class scholars and researchers, develop concrete skills and analytical abilities, and gain hands-on experience relevant to careers in government agencies, non-governmental organizations, private industry, and academic fields.

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Lucas Silva awarded UO Outstanding Early Career Award

Dr. Lucas Silva has received the University of Oregon’s Outstanding Early Career Award. The award is the highest research award at the UO for early career scientists.

Dr. Silva’s research investigated how forest composition affects water supply, and the ecological changes in forests caused by climate change. Using a combination of historical and primary data from the Sierra Nevadas, his team’s findings suggest a 10-60 percent increase in regional water loss as changing climates are forcing tree species to migrate to different elevations.

The study is particularly insightful


Center for Environmental Futures receives $600,000 Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Grant

The Center for Environmental Futures (CEF) was recently awarded a $600,000 grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

The award will allow the Center to further its commitment to environmental work, justice and sustainability by allowing it to increase student research and training opportunities, and by expanding interdisciplinary partnerships through the humanities and allied fields.

The CEF is a group of faculty and students at the University of Oregon sharing a common interest in environmentalism and social justice, that aims to encourage and support research and dialogue with various


Featured Faculty: Lauren Hallett


Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies and Biology Dr. Lauren Hallett joined the University of Oregon faculty in the Fall of 2017. Dr. Hallett is a plant community ecologist whose research spans a variety of ecosystems (including woodlands, serpentine grasslands, working rangelands, and alpine). Her research themes include community assembly, species coexistence, functional traits, ecosystem stability and resilience theory.


The Hallett lab aims to produce “usable” science to improve ecosystem management. This is achieved through a combination of long-term data analysis,