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July 18, 2019

Study of oxygen levels in South Slough conducted by ENVS doctoral student and faculty featured in Around the O

A study led by Geoffrey Johnson, doctoral student in the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies Program was recently featured in Around the O. Check out the article here:

Co-authors on the study, which was published in the journal Estuaries and Coasts, were David Sutherland and Josh Roering, professors in the Department of Earth Sciences; Nathan Mathabane, a former graduate student in Roering’s lab; and Daniel Gavin, a professor in the Department of Geography.

“The study, Johnson said, potentially sets a starting point for exploring the historical record of estuaries to the north in the Pacific Northwest, many of which have been more prone to disruptions generated by hypoxia than the more southern estuaries.”

Two ENVS core faculty and one participating faculty receive UO Sustainability Awards!

Congratulations to Lucas Silva for receiving the 2019 Research Award sponsored by the Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation. This award recognizes a University of Oregon researcher whose research has made significant contributions to human knowledge related to sustainability.

Congratulations to Kory Russel (as well as colleagues Yekang Ko and Jacques Abelman) for receiving the 2019 Town and Gown Award sponsored by Community Relations. This award recognizes individuals or groups for projects that promote, educate or enhance a more sustainable community. 

Congratulations to Sarah Stapleton for receiving the 2019 Excellence in Teaching Award sponsored by Office of the Provost’s Teaching Engagement Program. This award recognizes faculty who have developed pedagogy and curriculum which reinforce and advance principles of sustainability through course design and instruction.

Check out the Around the O article about the awards:

For more information on the awards, follow this link: