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The Ecotone Archive

Spring 2016 Full Issue (current issue)

The 2016 issue of the Ecotone focuses on the power of stories and visual arts have in sharing what it means to be human in the worlds we inhabit. From environmental fiction and non-fiction, to poetry, art and photography, this edition gives a taste of life outside our experience.



Ecotone 2015Spring 2015 Full Issue

This year’s Ecotone serves as a material embodiment of the remarkable community of which we are all a part here in the Environmental Studies program, a physical example of our journey. In these pages you will find a panoply of ruminations on facing the nearly impossible obstacles of environmental issues, and how we are striving to overcome them.



Ecotone2014FrontCover-194x300Spring 2014 Full Issue

Learn about paleontology’s contribution to climate change, read a fictional account of a fishing vessel, and an interview with faculty about the database value of biodiversity. This issue also contains poetry, photography,and creative works by the faculty and students of the ENVS program.



Spring 2013 Full Issue

This issue’s theme is “Body and Environment.” In poetry, essays, research articles, photography, and more, contributors explore the connections between bodies and environments through topics ranging from ginkgo trees to religious festivals, dust to environmental justice, and orangutan gestures to jogging.



Spring 2012 Full Issue

This year, The Ecotone addresses the role of time in the environmental movement in “Time Provoked: Interrogating the Past, Imagining the Future.”



Spring 2010 Full Issue

This year’s theme is “A Patchwork of Perspectives,” bringing together policy, biology, art, and personal experience.




2009 ecotone

Spring 2009 Full Issue

The theme for the 2009 Ecotone is perspectives on environmental studies: the vision and experiences of the people in the Environmental Studies Program. This topic was inspired by the numerous conversations in classrooms, hallways, and social gatherings regarding our perceptions of environmental studies as a discipline and our vision for the direction of the program.


2008 ecotone

Spring 2008 Full Issue

The theme of the 2008 Ecotone is Urban Ecology. The editorial team chose this topic to reflect current trends in environmental studies and ecological thought. Amidst the insecurities surrounding global climate collapse, it has become increasingly inappropriate to assume either a conquer and pillage mentality or to worship ‘pristine wilderness’.


2007 ecotone

Spring 2007 Full Issue

This edition of The Ecotone focuses on the theme of sustainability. Reflecting the diversity of sustainability approaches, as well as the scope of the Environmental Studies (ENVS) community, the pieces in this edition include a faculty forum on sustainability and articles written by ENVS graduate students, an ENVS adjunct instructor, and a community member.


2006 ecotone

Spring 2006 Full Issue

The theme of the Spring 2006 edition of The Ecotone is “environmental change.” We conceive of this theme in broad terms, with the assumption that what we consider “the environment” and what counts as “change” are not fixed, but rather are open to debate.



2005 winter ecotone

Winter 2005 Full Issue

This issue of The Ecotone focuses on the challenges of putting theory into practice and using practice to refine theory. Environmental Studies is interdisciplinary; practitioners negotiate a variety of approaches in their work, from science to poetry to activism.



2003 Fall ecotoneFall 2003 Full Issue

In this issue of the Ecotone, we have brought together a compilation of creative and academic pieces that reflect the diversity and expansive scope of the Environmental Studies Program. We have also included short biographies of students in the graduate program along with a profile of our two newest faculty members. We hope you find inspiration, new knowledge, and an insight onto the current participants of the program.


2002 ecotoneWinter 2002 Full Issue

This issue’s theme of “migration” reflects students’ journeys through ecotones, bioregions and human communities. These migrations lead them back to study and reflect transformed by
their experiences. Pieces in this issue also reveal the ways our program and its alumni are moving out into the world, offering service and visions of environmental sustainability to our local and global communities.


2001 spring ecotoneSpring 2001 Full Issue

This issue’s theme is “Changes in Pacific Northwest Biodiversity.” Changes in biodiversity can occur within ecosystems, landscapes, populations, and even on the genetic level. Likewise, the term “Pacific Northwest” conjures up slightly different concepts to different interpreters. The boundaries of this region are debatable, however, if viewed through disparate political, geological, climatological, hydrological, cultural, or ecological lenses.


2000 ecotoneFall 2000 Full Issue

This issue of THE ECOTONE contains the voices of the graduate students at the University of Oregon’s Environmental Studies Department. This issue offers stories, essays, journal entries, photographs, poems, and drawings. The entries were largely inspired by the overarching and age-old subject of “what I did over my summer vacation.” Subjects range from aquatic issues to land management to cultural impressions.


For more past issues of the Ecotone, click here to access them electronically from the Knight Library archive.