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Ted Toadvine and Adell Amos named Wayne Morse Resident Scholars for 2009-2010

The Wayne Morse Center hosts two UO faculty members as Resident Scholars each year, one from the School of Law and one person from another discipline conducting research in the theme of inquiry.
For 2009-2010 the Wayne Morse Resident Scholars are:
Adell Amos, School of Law, “Ethical Water Allocation in a Changing Climate.”

Professor Amos, a water resources lawyer and scholar, plans to evaluate mechanisms for allocating water resources using an ethical framework. Current mechanisms ignore ethical considerations, particularly in the United States. She will examine current ethical guidelines set out by the field of environmental ethics to critically analyze various national and international approaches to water allocation and suggest policy reforms. The project will result in a paper and a working symposium.

Ted Toadvine, Department of Philosophy and Environmental Studies, “Ethics and Intrinsic Value in Environmental Problem-Solving: The Case of Global Climate Change.”

Framing environmental problems empirically ignores the inescapably normative and ethical dimensions that frame all such problems and that are essential for just and equitable policy responses. This project proposes an interdisciplinary approach to environmental problems that includes the interpretive and normative contributions of the humanities as complementary to the natural and social sciences.