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Ignacio Krell Rivera works with Llaguepulli Mapuche Community

In April, Ignacio Krell Rivera, a recent ENVS Master’s Program graduate, and his partner, Alison Guzman, formerly of Beyond Toxics, embarked on a six-month trip to southern Chile to join the indigenous Llaguepulli Mapuche Community’s efforts to create culturally appropriate banking alternatives. As part of MAPLE Microdevelopment‘s South American intercultural team, Ignacio and Alison will be helping to “conduct a six-month iterative field process of community needs assessment, management capacity building and community dialogues to reach consensus on collective and family goals.”

Ignacio writes of this new endeavor, “I am super excited to put into practice the studies on interdisciplinary research I did at U of O with my lifelong grassroots vocation at the service of the communities and places I love.”

To read more about the project, see Ignacio’s blog.