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Geological Sciences

Why pursue the ESSP with Geological Sciences as a focal department?

Faculty in the Department of Geological Sciences tackle an array of environmental issues concerned with the dynamics of sediment, water, biota, and nutrients at the Earth’s surface.  In addition, on-going research projects address natural hazards that shape our world, including volcanic eruptions, landslides, earthquakes, and floods, as well as human impacts on landscapes and ecosystems (e.g., climate change, groundwater pollution, water quality).  These processes test how natural landscapes and human society interact, with direct implications for how to progress towards a more sustainable world.  We utilize a suite of field-based methods, analytical analyses, and computational tools to improve our understanding of modern systems and the past geologic record.

Faculty members in the Department of Geological specialize in geomorphology, coastal oceanography, environmental and isotope geochemistry, paleontology, conservation paleoecology, and hydrology, among other subfields and have a wide array of specific research interests. Students interested in Geological Sciences as a focal department should browse the Geological Sciences faculty webpages and correspond with those faculty members whose work is closest to their own interests.

Supplementary Application Information

Information about the application process in Geology can be found at the department’s admissions webpage.

Useful Links

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