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Why pursue the ESSP with Psychology as a focal department?

Pursuing a degree in ESSP with a focus in Psychology allows students to gain a solid foundation in academic psychology while pursuing interdisciplinary interests in complementary fields, including philosophy, biology, geography, law, planning and policy, communications, political science, sociology, and many others. Our graduates are fully prepared for academic positions in psychology departments, environmental studies programs, or other interdisciplinary contexts.

The Psychology Department at the University of Oregon is highly renowned and its faculty study a wide range of issues within the major areas of the field (e.g., Social, Personality, Clinical, Neuroscience, Cognitive, Developmental). Faculty interests span nearly the entire range of topics studied by academic psychologists, from interpersonal relationships to basic cognitive processes to early childhood development. Our department also maintains close connections with some of the top judgment and decision-making researchers in the world, an area of particular interest to many researchers and practitioners interested in Environmental and Conservation Psychology. Although few faculty members work explicitly at the intersection of environmental studies and psychology in our department, there are many connections waiting to be made by future graduate students who are interested in developing unique courses of study.

Supplementary Application Information

Application to the Psychology Department requires a 2-4 page statement of purpose, three letters of recommendation and a recent writing sample, such as a class paper, thesis or article. See Application Procedures for the Doctoral Program in Psychology for more information.

Contact the Psychology Department’s Graduate Secretary for more information about the application process.

See also the standard application procedures for the Environmental Studies Doctoral Program.

Useful Links

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