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Staff Biographies

Kathryn Lynch is Co-Director of the Environmental Leadership Program. Katie is an environmental anthropologist who has a strong commitment to participatory, collaborative and interdisciplinary approaches in both her research and teaching. She has worked in Peru, Ecuador, Indonesia and the United States examining issues of community-based natural resource management. This has included examining the role of medicinal plants in Amazonian conservation efforts and the potential for engaged environmental education to promote conservation. Before joining UO she was a researcher at the Institute for Culture and Ecology, where her research focused on the relationships between forest policy and management, conservation of biodiversity, and nontimber forest products. She has also facilitated various courses and workshops that examine the nexus between environmental and cultural issues.


Peg Boulay is Co-Director of the Environmental Leadership Program (ELP). She is a wildlife ecologist with a broad, applied background in research, conservation, management, planning, policy, public participation, and communications. Her current interests include environmental monitoring, ecological restoration, experiential education, and “community-based science.” As ELP Co-Director, she creates undergraduate courses and service-learning projects focused on conservation science (habitat restoration, conservation planning and environmental monitoring) and community engagement (communication campaigns, interpretive materials, social media, and creative expression). Before joining UO, she spent 17 years as a professional wildlife ecologist. Though she has experience with a variety of taxa and issues, she has worked extensively with large carnivores and migratory birds.