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The Environmental Studies Program trains leaders in creative problem solving, critical thinking, and responsible citizenship.

Building on the University of Oregon’s long tradition of environmental research and activism, our program sets the standard in interdisciplinary dialogue and collaboration with more than 100 participating faculty from thirty campus programs and departments. ENVS degree programs are flexible and tailored to meet specific educational and career goals, providing students with the opportunities to work alongside world-class scholars and researchers, develop concrete skills and analytical abilities, and gain hands-on experience relevant to careers in government agencies, non-governmental organizations, private industry, and academic fields.

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Norgaard article photo

Dr. Kari Norgaard in the Media

Dr. Kari Norgaard, Associate Professor of Sociology and Environmental Studies at UO, has made ripples across the media this month, twice.

Climate Change in Humanities team

Teaching Climate Change in the Humanities

Shane, Stephanie, and Stephen

Climate change has traditionally been considered as an issue of the physical sciences, but a team of UO scholars have just turned that idea inside-out.


Featured Student: Kirsten Vinyeta

“I was drawn to Environmental Studies by my love for the many landscapes that have cradled me throughout my life, a love that turns to motivated rage when I reflect on the misguided political, social, and economic forces that, on a routine basis, unnecessarily endanger these and other places that matter deeply to living beings of all sorts,” says Kirsten Vinyeta, PhD candidate in Environmental Studies and Sociology. Although in her fist year as a PhD student, Kirsten’s passion for environmental justice blossomed during her time as a Master’s student at UO.