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Local Jobs Listings

Below is a list of local jobs!

**Click here for non-local job listings!

  • The Western Oregon Outdoor school is accepting Cabin Leader applications for Spring 2020 ODS Programming! To learn more about the position and the school as a whole click here!
  • The UO Museum of Natural and Cultural History is a hiring a Museum Outreach Educator for this summer 2020! This position applies to students who are not registered for summer courses or for students graduating this spring! This position offers great experience for individuals interested in museum/informal education, teaching and/or public outreach!
  • Cascadia Wildlands is searching for a Membership and Operations Manager! The positions is a full time and requires organization , flexibility, an ability to collaborate and work with other and prioritize and manage multiple tasks!
  • Research Opportunity for ENVS undergrads looking at Japanese Macaque Social Behavior at the Oregon National Primate Research Center in Portland from June-September 2020. Email Kylen Gartland at with CV or resume, along with a personal statement. 
  • Mount Pisgah Arboretum is looking for an Assistant Habitat & Trails Manager! Have experience in native habitat conservation, restoration, trail maintenance and construction!? Apply!
  • Young Mountain Tea Company is hiring a Marketing and Production Lead! Ideal for graduating seniors looking to get marketing experience at a socially and environmentally conscious company!