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Student Advisers

Student Advisers are available for advising questions and to declare new students interested in the Environmental Studies and Environmental Science majors, as well as the the Environmental Studies and Food Studies minors.

If you want to declare a major/minor, please see the Student Advisers during drop-in hours.

Drop-ins welcome, no appointment necessary!
ENVS Student Advising Center
144 Columbia Hall

Spring Term Finals Week Drop-In Hours

Monday: 10 am to 3 pm

Tuesday: 10 am to 4:30 pm

Wednesday: 9 am to 4:30 pm

Thursday: 9 am to 12 pm

Friday: Closed

To access your notes and course plan you discussed with your adviser, click here!

  1. Log in using the link above with your Shibboleth log-in information (what you use to access canvas)
  2. Click on Reports
  3. Click on the Note/File Course Plan you would like to view

Find the Student Advisers on Facebook!
If you have an advising question…
ask a student adviser live on Facebook chat: Envs Advisers

Making an Advising Appointment with your Academic Adviser:

We recommend Chrome or Firefox browsers.

  1. Log into Navigate Student: 
  2. Enter your Duck ID and password
  3. Click on the blue button on the upper right-hand corner of the screen “Schedule an Appointment”
  4. Choose “General Advising” then “Major/minor Advising” then select what you would like to meet about.
  5. Select “Environmental Studies” as your program.
  6. Choose Brittany McFall. If it does not show up, email to set up an appointment.
  7. Select a time that works for you. Add a comment or choose to receive a test message or email reminder if you would like
  8. Confirm appointment

At the time of your scheduled appointment, meet your adviser in their office. Office locations listed below.

For all academic advising (ENVS major/minor, ESCI major, FS minor) and internships:

Brittany McFall
Academic and Career Adviser
Phone: (541) 346-5084
Office: 144 Columbia Hall

All prospective majors and minors are initially advised by:

Student Advisers
Phone: (541) 346-5257
Office: 144 Columbia Hall

Prospective majors should drop-in to meet with the Student Advisers to discuss the degree requirements and declare the major.

Current majors are encouraged to meet with an adviser at least once a year to confirm that appropriate progress is being made toward completion of the degree.

Graduating majors are required to meet with their adviser during the first term of the year they plan to graduate. This gives us an opportunity to confirm your progress toward your degree and discuss career plans.

Before your advising meeting, please read the instructions on Preparing for Advising Meetings