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Participating Faculty


William S. Ayres

Island societies, Subsistence methods, Ethnoarchaeology

Aletta Biersack

Pacific Basin cultures, historical anthropology, gender

Gyoung-Ah Lee

Paleoethnobotany, paleoenvironment, phylogenetics of
crops, gendered archaeology, and quantitative archaeology

Lamia N. Karim

Globalization, gender, human rights, and social movements

Geraldine Moreno-Black

Human ecology, nutritional anthropology

Madonna Moss

New world archaeology, cultural resource management, coastal fishing societies

James “Josh” Snodgrass

Biological anthropologist who specializes in human evolutionary biology, human adaptation to environmental stressors

Lawrence Sugiyama

Evolutionary psychology, behavioral ecology, hunter-gatherers

Nelson Ting

Molecular ecology, evolutionary biology, conservation biology, phylogenetics, population genetics, phylogeography

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G.Z. Brown

Environmental control systems, effects of energy & material conservation on architectural form

Roxi J. Thoren

Sustainable urban design, brownfield redevelopment, microclimate design, place-based cultural identity politics

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Carla Bengtson

Painting, environmental aesthetics

Colin H. Ives

Ecological issues, use of technology

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William Bradshaw

Population biology, evolution, organism response to environmental change

Bill Cresko

Evolution & development of the threespine stickleback

George Carroll (Emeritus)

Fungal host specificity

Richard Castenholz (Emeritus)

Aquatic ecology, microbial communities

Richard Emlet

Evolution & development of marine invertebrates

Jessica Green

Soil microbial communities in marine, alpine and mediterranean systems

Janet Hodder

Ecology of marine birds

Barbara (“Bitty”) Roy

Influence of pathogens on host biodiversity, plant population ecology, pollination ecology

Alan Shanks

Marine & inter-tidal ecology, larval biology, animal behavior

Kelly Sutherland

Trophic interactions, cycling of organic material in the ocean, biological propulsion

Nora Terwilliger (Emeritus)

Comparative physiology, biochemistry of marine organisms

Dan Udovic (Emeritus)

Dynamics of pollination mutualisms, population modeling, science education

Peter Wetherwax

Ecology, pollination biology, animal behavior, science education

Michelle Wood

Microbial ecology & evolution

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Michael Russo

Corporate policy & strategy, environmental management

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Paul Engelking

Atmospheric chemistry, environmental monitoring

James Hutchison

Organic green chemistry, research & education

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Computer & Information Science

John Conery

Environmental modeling, computational science, parallel computing

Arthur Farley

Computer science, artificial intelligence, graph-theoretic approach to communication network design

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Creative Writing

Garrett Hongo


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William Harbaugh

Environmental & resource economics

Ed Whitelaw (Emeritus)

Urban-regional economics

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Sarah Riggs Stapleton

Environmental and Science Education, School Gardens, Environmental Justice, and Education

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Suzanne Clark

Modernism & discourse of nature, Annie Dillard, theory of the real, rhetoric, ecofeminism

James Crosswhite

Theory, philosophy (esp. Heideggar), rhetoric, construction of “wildness” & “wilderness”

John Gage

Rhetoric, Kenneth Burke, ethics of environmental arguments, poetry of natural world, Robert Frost

Glen Love (Emeritus)

Literature and environment

William Rossi

Henry David Thoreau, 19th century natural science & literature, natural history & the American Renaissance

Gordon Sayre

Colonial American literature, relationships between European colonists and Native Americans, Colonial American natural history

Elizabeth Wheeler

Post-1945 American literature, youth literature and popular culture, disability studies, cultural studies, and community literacy

David Vasquez

American literature, Critical Race Theory, Environmental Justice

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Patrick Bartlein

Environmental change, climatology

Shaul E. Cohen

Political geography, afforestation, environmental conflict

Mark Fonstad

Geomorphology, hydrology, remote sensing, environmental simulation

Dan Gavin

Paleoecology, forest community response to climate change

Andrew Marcus

Impacts of disturbance on hydrology, geomorphology & riparian vegetation of streams

Katie Meehan

Nature-society theory, water governance, mexico

Alexander Murphy

Cultural geography, political geography of environment, environmental law

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Earth Sciences (Formerly Geology)

Rebecca J. Dorsey

Sedimentation & tectonics, basin analysis

Mark Reed

Aqueous geochemistry, ore deposit geology

Gregory Retallack

Paleosols & environmental change

Doug Toomey

Tectonics, marine seismology, mid-ocean ridges

Ray Weldon

Structural geology, neotectonics, quaternary geology

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German and Scandinavian

Susan C. Anderson

German and Austrian narrative, cultural ideas of water, multiculturalism and gender

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Jeffrey Ostler

American political & environmental history

Daniel Pope

American economic history

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Honors College

Samantha Hopkins

vertebrate paleontology, systematics, paleoecology

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Institute for Sustainable Environment

Jesse Abrams

Public lands politics/policy

Patrick Bixler

Conservation networks, intersections between ecology, economy and governance

Cassandra Moseley

Public lands politics/policy, political institutions, political ecology, community-based collaboration

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International Studies

Dennis Galvan

Comparative analysis of development & social change, politics of cultural identity, Africa, Indonesia

Derrick Hindery

Global economic restructuring of ecosystems, indigenous communities in Latin America/US

Stephen R. Wooten

Local-global dynamics, agrarian changes, expressive culture

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Journalism and Communication

Carol Ann Bassett

Writing, environmental issues, indigenous cultures

Tom Bivins

Mass media ethics, ethics and persuasion

Lauren Kessler

Literary journalism, alternative media, social history

Debra Merskin

Women and minorities in media, historical studies, social influences of the media

Stephen Ponder

News-editorial, public policy issues in environmental studies

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Landscape Architecture

Jerome Diethelm (Emeritus)

Design theory, environmental ethics & aesthetics

Kenneth Helphand

Landscape history, literature, & theory

David Hulse

Land use planning, landscape ecology, geographic information systems

Bart Johnson

Landscape Architecture

Robert Melnick

Landscape preservation, research methods, historic & cultural landscape analysis

Robert Ribe

Land use planning & management, environmental perception

Roxi J. Thoren

Sustainable urban design, brownfield redevelopment, microclimate design, place-based cultural identity politics

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Law School

John Bonine

Environment & pollution, administrative law, natural resource issues, constitutional law, comparative environmental law

Anthony “Tim” A. Hicks

Conflict management

Richard Hildreth

Natural resource management law & policy, ocean & coastal law, urban land use, international enviromental law

Mary Wood

Indian law, public lands & natural resources, wildlife law

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Museum of Natural and Cultural History

Edward Davis

Fossil collections, vertebrate paleontology

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Mark Johnson

Philosophy of language/art, moral theory, cognitive science

Bonnie Mann

Social & political philosophy, phenomenology, philosophy of the body, aesthetics, feminism and the environment

Erin McKenna

Feminist Theory and American Pragmatism

Scott Pratt

American philosophy, Native American philosophy, philosophy of place

Peter Warnek

Art, nature, mythology, philosophy of nature

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Physical Education and Recreation

Michael Strong

Outdoor leadership training, outdoor education

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Greg Bothun

Environmental data sampling, alternative energy, numerical modeling

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Planning, Public Policy, and Management

Michael Hibbard

Community & regional development

Carl Hosticka (Emeritus)

Policy analysis, natural resource policy development

Renee Irvin

Environmental & natural resource economics, health economics, public finance, nonprofit economics & management

Grant Jacobsen

Environmental economics and policy, energy efficiency and renewable energy, voluntary environmental protection

Richard Margerum

Collaborative environmental management, conflict management in multi-stakeholder processes

Robert Parker

Land-use/transportation planning, growth management, market/feasibility analysis, citizen participation

Marc Schlossberg

Urban environmentalism, social justice & equity as related to planning

Yizaho Yang

Environmental planning, design and analysis for sustainable and active living, land use planning and growth management, housing and residential quality, feminist study of the built environment

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Political Science

Daniel Goldrich (Emeritus)

Environmental politics, sustainable development, U.S. & Latin America

Craig Kauffman

Environmental politics, comparative politics, transnational networks, multilevel governance, participatory governance

Jerry Medler (Emeritus)

Political theory, research methodology, environmental policy

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Paul Slovic

Decision making, risk perception, valuation of natural resources

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Mike Dreiling

Social movements relating to work, environment, consumerism, corporate political organization, international trade politics

John Foster

Ecological crisis; economic crisis; imperialism; social theory

Patricia A. Gwartney

Social demography, politics & race, survey research methods

Jill Harrison

Globalization and social change, work, culture and environment, qualitative methods

Gregory McLauchlan

Political sociologists, peace & war, science & technology, sustainable cities, environmental movements

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Theatre Arts

Theresa May

Ecocriticism, postcolonial and globization theory, new works

Women’s and Gender Studies

Yvonne Braun

Development, social changes, environment, gender, social inequality

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