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Participating Faculty


William S. Ayres

Island societies; Subsistence methods; Ethnoarchaeology

Aletta Biersack (Emerita)

Pacific Basin cultures; historical anthropology; gender

Gyoung-Ah Lee

Paleoethnobotany; paleoenvironment; phylogenetics of
crops; gendered archaeology; and quantitative archaeology

Lamia N. Karim

Globalization; gender; human rights and social movements

Geraldine Moreno-Black (Emerita)

Human ecology; nutritional anthropology

Madonna Moss

New world archaeology; cultural resource management; coastal fishing societies

James “Josh” Snodgrass

Biological anthropologist who specializes in human evolutionary biology, human adaptation to environmental stressors

Lawrence Sugiyama

Evolutionary psychology; behavioral ecology; hunter-gatherers

Nelson Ting

Molecular ecology; evolutionary biology; conservation biology; phylogenetics; population genetics; phylogeography

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Carla Bengtson

Painting; environmental aesthetics

Colin H. Ives

Ecological issues; use of technology

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William Bradshaw

Population biology; evolution; organism response to environmental change

Bill Cresko

Evolution & development of the threespine stickleback

George Carroll (Emeritus)

Fungal host specificity

John Conery (Emeritus)

Environmental modeling; computational science; parallel computing

Richard Emlet

Evolution & development of marine invertebrates

Jessica Green

Soil microbial communities in marine, alpine and Mediterranean systems

Janet Hodder

Ecology of marine birds

Barbara (“Bitty”) Roy

Influence of pathogens on host biodiversity; plant population ecology; pollination ecology

Alan Shanks

Marine & inter-tidal ecology; larval biology; animal behavior

Kelly Sutherland

Trophic interactions; cycling of organic material in the ocean; biological propulsion

Nora Terwilliger (Emerita)

Comparative physiology; biochemistry of marine organisms

Dan Udovic (Emeritus)

Dynamics of pollination mutualisms; population modeling; science education

Peter Wetherwax

Ecology; pollination biology; animal behavior; science education

Michelle Wood

Microbial ecology & evolution

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Michael Russo

Corporate policy & strategy; environmental management

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Chemistry & Biochemistry

Paul Engelking

Atmospheric chemistry; environmental monitoring

James Hutchison

Organic green chemistry; research & education

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Computer & Information Science

Arthur Farley (Emeritus)

Computer science; artificial intelligence; graph-theoretic approach to communication network design

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Creative Writing

Garrett Hongo


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William Harbaugh

Environmental & resource economics

Ed Whitelaw (Emeritus)

Urban-regional economics

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Sarah Riggs Stapleton

Environmental and Science Education; School Gardens; Environmental Justice and Education

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Suzanne Clark (Emerita)

Modernism & discourse of nature; Annie Dillard; theory of the real; rhetoric; ecofeminism

James Crosswhite

Theory; philosophy (esp. Heidegger); rhetoric; construction of “wildness” & “wilderness”

John Gage

Rhetoric; Kenneth Burke; ethics of environmental arguments; poetry of natural world; Robert Frost

Glen Love (Emeritus)

Literature and environment

William Rossi

Henry David Thoreau; 19th century natural science & literature; natural history & the American Renaissance

Gordon Sayre

Colonial American literature; relationships between European colonists and Native Americans; Colonial American natural history

Elizabeth Wheeler

Post-1945 American literature; youth literature and popular culture; disability studies; cultural studies; and community literacy

David Vasquez

American literature; Critical Race Theory; Environmental Justice

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Patrick Bartlein

Environmental change; climatology

Shaul E. Cohen

Political geography; afforestation; environmental conflict

Mark Fonstad

Geomorphology; hydrology; remote sensing; environmental simulation

Dan Gavin

Paleoecology; forest community response to climate change

Leigh Johnson

Climate change; finance; political ecology; development; East Africa; Latin America

Andrew Marcus

Impacts of disturbance on hydrology; geomorphology & riparian vegetation of streams

Alexander Murphy

Cultural geography; political geography of environment; environmental law

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Earth Sciences (Formerly Geology)

Rebecca J. Dorsey

Sedimentation & tectonics; basin analysis

Mark Reed

Aqueous geochemistry; ore deposit geology

Gregory Retallack

Paleosols & environmental change

Doug Toomey

Tectonics; marine seismology; mid-ocean ridges

Ray Weldon

Structural geology; neotectonics; quaternary geology

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German and Scandinavian

Susan C. Anderson

German and Austrian narrative; cultural ideas of water; multiculturalism and gender

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Matthew Dennis

Colonial America/early national United States history, American culture and politics, history of public memory and commemoration, urbanism and American cities

Jeffrey Ostler

American political & environmental history

Daniel Pope (Emeritus)

American economic history

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Honors College

Samantha Hopkins

vertebrate paleontology; systematics; paleoecology

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Institute for Sustainable Environment

Cassandra Moseley

Public lands politics/policy; political institutions; political ecology; community-based collaboration

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International Studies

Yvonne Braun

Intersection of gender, development, environment, and globalization; social inequalities & change; environmental justice

Dennis Galvan

Comparative analysis of development & social change; politics of cultural identity, Africa, Indonesia

Derrick Hindery

Global economic restructuring of ecosystems; indigenous communities in Latin America/US

Stephen Wooten

Associate Professor of International Studies and Food Studies

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Journalism and Communication

Tom Bivins

Mass media ethics; ethics and persuasion

Lauren Kessler (Emerita)

Literary journalism; alternative media; social history

Debra Merskin

Women and minorities in media; historical studies; social influences of the media

Stephen Ponder (Emeritus)

News-editorial; public policy issues in environmental studies

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Landscape Architecture

Liska Chan

Invisible landscapes, mapping, land art, landscape perception

Bart Johnson

Climate Change Adaptation Planning, Sustainable & Resilient Urban Ecosystems, Ecological Restoration, Biodiversity Conservation

Yekang Ko

Urban sustainability, energy landscapes, green infrastructure planning, climate-responsive urban design, climate change planning

Robert Ribe

Land use planning & management; environmental perception

Roxi J. Thoren

Sustainable urban design; brownfield redevelopment; microclimate design; place-based cultural identity politics

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Law School

John Bonine

Environment & pollution; administrative law; natural resource issues; constitutional law; comparative environmental law

Anthony “Tim” A. Hicks

Conflict management

Richard Hildreth

Natural resource management law & policy; ocean & coastal law; urban land use; international environmental law

Mary Wood

Indian law; public lands & natural resources; wildlife law

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Museum of Natural and Cultural History

Edward Davis

Fossil collections; vertebrate paleontology

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Office of Sustainability

Sarah Stoeckl

Community outreach and engagement, Environmental Leaders ARC

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Mark Johnson

Philosophy of language/art; moral theory; cognitive science

Bonnie Mann

Social & political philosophy; phenomenology; philosophy of the body; aesthetics; feminism and the environment

Erin McKenna

Feminist Theory and American Pragmatism

Scott Pratt

American philosophy; Native American philosophy; philosophy of place

Peter Warnek

Art; nature; mythology; philosophy of nature

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Physical Education and Recreation

Michael Strong

Outdoor leadership training; outdoor education

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Greg Bothun

Environmental data sampling; alternative energy; numerical modeling

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Planning, Public Policy, and Management

Michael Hibbard (Emeritus)

Community & regional development

Carl Hosticka (Emeritus)

Policy analysis; natural resource policy development

Renee Irvin

Environmental & natural resource economics; health economics; public finance; nonprofit economics & management

Grant Jacobsen

Environmental economics and policy; energy efficiency and renewable energy; voluntary environmental protection

Robert Parker

Land-use/transportation planning; growth management; market/feasibility analysis; citizen participation

Marc Schlossberg

Urban environmentalism; social justice & equity as related to planning

Yizaho Yang

Environmental planning; design and analysis for sustainable and active living; land use planning and growth management; housing and residential quality; feminist study of the built environment

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Political Science

Daniel Goldrich (Emeritus)

Environmental politics; sustainable development; U.S. & Latin America

Craig Kauffman

Environmental politics; comparative politics; transnational networks; multilevel governance; participatory governance

Jerry Medler (Emeritus)

Political theory; research methodology; environmental policy

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Paul Slovic

Decision making; risk perception; valuation of natural resources

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Mike Dreiling

Social movements relating to work; environment; consumerism; corporate political organization; international trade politics

John Bellamy Foster

Ecological crisis; economic crisis; imperialism; social theory

Patricia A. Gwartney (Emerita)

Social demography; politics & race; survey research methods

Jill Harrison

Globalization and social change; work, culture and environment; qualitative methods

Raoul Lievanos

Environmental & urban sociology; race, ethnicity & immigration; science & technology studies; spatial analysis; social theory

Gregory McLauchlan (Emeritus)

Political sociology; peace & war; science & technology; sustainable cities; environmental movements

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Theatre Arts

Theresa May

Ecodrama/ecocriticism; postcolonial and globalization theatre/theory; new works

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