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Wen Lee and Chris Stratton celebrate wedding on Amtrak

ENVS alumni Wen Lee and Chris Stratton are getting married, and they’re doing it in an unusual way: by train. The couple is no stranger to the rails, having travelled 60,000 miles over the past five years, and as they began planning their wedding and honeymoon, they decided to combine the two in an epic cross-country train trip. Instead of asking relatives to travel for them, they are doing it the other way around. Over 30 days, they are holding four receptions in four far-flung locations: Lawrenceburg, KY, Boston, MA, Los Angeles, CA, and Oakland, CA. The journey has not only saved on airfare and carbon emissions, but has allowed them to include relatives who would otherwise not be able to attend a reception in California, including Chris’ 90 year old grandfather and 96 year old grandmother.

Wen and Chris’ adventure is currently being featured on Amtrak’s blog, which you can access here. Reading through their interviews, it’s clear that the train is more than their means of getting from place to place, but an experience in its own right. They enjoy being “unplugged” while they travel, and between games of backgammon and conversations with fellow travelers, they have been enjoying spectacular views of the Sierras, the Rockies, the plains, and the Appalachians cruise past their window.

To read more about Wen and Chris’ wedding exploits, visit Amtrak’s first and second interviews with them. Stay tuned for updates as they continue the journey!