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Two ENVS Undergraduates Receive UO Research Award!

Two UO ENVS undergraduates have been selected to receive the Humanities Undergraduate Research Fellowship.


The HURF program is a 16-week fellowship for undergraduate students conducting research in the humanities under the guidance of a UO faculty mentor. Fellows receive a $2,500 award, and meet with their cohort weekly to work on their research project and participate in seminars to enhance their skills, including research skills development, ethics, and communications development.


Becca Marshall, senior, is one of the recipients of this fellowship. She will be working with her mentor, Kathryn Lynch, on a project titled “Managing for Mushrooms? Commercial Wild Mushroom Harvesting in the Willamette National Forest”. Her research will examine the extent to which natural resource management policies influences and affects wild mushroom pickers in the Pacific North West.  She also hopes to tie her interests in agricultural practices and policy to larger issues of local and global health.


Matthew Stephens will be working with his mentor Steven Brence on a project titled “Examining Personhood and Environmental Policy: Determining the Benefits and Risks of Granting Legal Rights to Non-Human Entities”. Matthew hopes to use the Whanganui River in New Zealand as a case study to explore and determine the most effective ways of protecting personal relationships people have with the natural world. The overall aim of the project is to assess the effectiveness of the Whanganui River Settlement Claims legislation, the ethical veracity of its central tenant that aims to grant legal personhood to the Whanganui River, and whether this recognition and protection afforded to the Whanganui River should be utilized as a model for other nations in the effort to protect and preserve our natural landscapes, resources, and cultural heritage.


Congratulations students!