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Trudy Ann Cameron awarded “Best JEEM Paper” of 2014

We are delighted to announce that a paper co-authored by ENVS core faculty Trudy Ann Cameron has been awarded “Best JEEM Paper” of 2014 by the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists. The Journal of Environmental Economics and Management is widely considered the best field journal of its field, so this award is quite the honor!

Cameron’s paper, co-authored by J.R. DeShazo of UCLA, is entitled “Demand for health risk reductions.” It presents a new model for measuring individuals’ willingness to pay for health risk reduction measures (for example: expenditures on medical research or environmental regulation). “Understanding the value people place on health risk reductions,” the authors write, “can help us decide upon appropriate levels of regulations for road, workplace, and household safety, or how much we should spend on publicly supported health care.” They argue that their model can help gauge that value by providing one estimate for subjects’ response to varied illness risks, rather than forcing researchers to focus on a single risk of death at a time.

A complete copy of “Demand for health risk reductions” can be found here.