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Tim Christion Myers publishes blog: should conservationists prioritize biodiversity?

An article by ENVS and philosophy PhD candidate Tim Christion Myers has been accepted for publication by the blog BioDiverse Perspectives, and is now available online. The post explores his reaction to a recent talk by Donald S. Maier at the University of Oregon, which was offered as a part of this year’s workshop series Biodiversity at Twenty-Five: The Problem of Ecological Proxy Values. Maier’s presentation drew on his methods as a philosopher to question the value of biodiversity as an ethical framework for conservation.

Myers’ blog post was published in tandem with another by Lorien Reynolds, a PhD student at UO’s Institute of Ecology and Evolution. The pair of perspectives, from both a philosopher and an ecologist, engage with Maier’s mission of fostering communication between disciplines. “Maier’s critique,” Myer observes, “calls on us to confront a painful truth: that we are not very good at talking about facts and values, even if our lives depend on it.”

Biodiversity at Twenty-Five is sponsored by the Environmental Studies department, in collaboration with the Department of Philosophy, the Institute of Ecology and Evolution, and the College of Arts & Sciences. For information about upcoming events, which will be in March and May, click here.