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Theresa May interviewed on KHSU Radio’s Econews

KHSU Radio’s Econews recently aired an interview with ENVS Affiliate Faculty Theresa May about her powerful new book Salmon Is Everything: Community-Based Theatre in the Klamath Watershed. A new resource for educators teaching environmental education, Native studies, the humanities and performing arts, it tells how theatre artists worked with tribal communities to create documentary theatre about the salmon crisis in the Pacific Northwest. After a devastating fish kill on the Klamath River, tribal members and theatre artist Theresa May developed a play to give voice to the central spiritual and cultural role of salmon in tribal life. The book contains the complete script of “Salmon Is Everything” with production information, as well as insightful essays about arts and activism, the role of salmon in Native culture.  This interdisciplinary book bridges knowledge in science, social studies, and theatre arts by showing students how the arts can help us understand diverse cultures and care for our environment.

To listen to the interview, click here. Dr. May’s interview begins roughly 3/4 of the way through the program.