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Scott Bridgham wins 2014 Faculty Research Award

scottbCongratulations to ENVS core faculty Scott Bridgham, who was recently named as a recipient of a 2014 Faculty Research Award. The purpose of the Faculty Research Awards program is to stimulate research by providing faculty with support for research expenses including travel, summer stipend, equipment, supplies, contractual services, shared facility use, and graduate or undergraduate student research assistance. The Faculty Research Awards Committee, composed of faculty appointed by the University Senate, evaluated proposals on the basis of their intellectual merit and made recommendations to the Vice President for funding.

Dr. Bridgham is an ecologist who is currently investigating the effects of climate change and the ways in which chemical, geological, physical and biological systems interact to produce methane. His Faculty Research Award will support research entitled “Controls over methane cycling in tropical wetlands.”

To learn more about Dr. Bridgham’s research, please visit his website here.