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Nature Photographers of the Pacific Northwest meet

"Stars in Motion" by Mason Trinca

The Environmental Studies Program cosponsored the Twenty-fifth Biannual Meeting of the Nature Photographers of the Pacific Northwest. Frans Lanting, hailed as one of the great nature photographers of our time, served as the guest speaker. His morning presentation was entitled “Eye to Eye with Life” and his afternoon presentation was “Cheetahs on the Run.”

As in past meetings, there was a digital projected image competition and a print competition. The three categories for the competitions were scenic, wildlife, and plantlife. Advanced Camera was also present to clean digital sensors at a bargain price.

The meeting took place on Saturday, April 6th from 10 am to 5 pm in Columbia Hall on the University of Oregon campus. All nature photographers, amateur and professional, were invited to attend.

Additional information may be found here.

Selections from Frans Lanting’s work are available at his website.