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Global Warming Teach In 7PM Thursday, March 13, 182 Lillis

Global Climate Change Teach-In:
Choose change! (one planet, one future)
Thursday, March 13, 7-9pm 182 Lillis Hall

The science is unequivocal: our planet is warming as a direct result of human-produced carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions. We are on the brink of potentially catastrophic environmental changes. Can we prevent the worst effects of global climate change and save our planet? Wethirty-four University of Oregon students emphatically say “YES!” We have spent a term in our Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Nature and Society (ENVS 420/520) course systematically reasoning about what can be done today to make a real difference, and we want to show you how. As students, we have researched a series of meaningful approaches and organized a public forum to share our findings. Please join us. If not us, who? If not now, when? Join us in making the world what we want it to be!

Please read the opinion piece written by Tom Giesen which appeared in the Register Guard.

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