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Featured Student: Maneesh Arora

Maneesh Arora, an Environmental Studies undergraduate student, was recommended by the University Administration and ASUO to sit on the Presidential Search Committee – and gladly accepted.

“Decisions made by this committee will play an integral role in shaping the University of Oregon for years to come,” Maneesh says. “It is very important to have an outstanding University President and I am excited to be part of the process to decide who our next President will be.”

“It is also very important to have strong student voice on the search committee,” he adds.  The controversial termination of former UO President Dr. Richard Lariviere  generated a great deal of community interest – students, staff, faculty and the wider Oregon audience are following the search committee process closely. It is a great decision, then, to call on the skills and strengths of leaders like Maneesh Arora.

Maneesh participated in the Environmental Leadership Program, after being selected for the 2011 Green Power team. “I taught third graders at Adams Elementary about renewable energy. Seeing the students develop while they began to truly understand the importance of renewable energy and our responsibility to protect our environment inspired me to want to be an educator after I graduate,” he writes.

His passion for education has already resulted in his appointment to the Presidential Search Committee, and his next steps promise to be even more influential and inspiring.

“My main goal for after I graduate, much like many other college graduates, is to make a positive impact on the world. Whether that is through being an educator or community organizer, it is important for me to always be pushing back against the many injustices present in the world,” he reflects. While Maneesh is right that many college graduates want to change the world for the better, the amount of time and dedication that he offers to the University of Oregon before graduating is truly impressive. When asked what other activities he participates in, he answers, “A few highlights are my former position as Vice President of the ASUO, Board Treasurer and Campaign Manager for OSPIRG, and member of the Sexual Wellness Advocacy Team (SWAT). I am currently a Student Ambassador and member of Students of the Indian Subcontinent (SIS).”

And now, he can add “a member of the Presidential Search Committee” to that highlights list. His commitment to education, and his insights as an ENVS undergraduate, will certainly help guide the UO towards a successful Presidential appointment and a strong future.

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