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ENVS major Francesca Varela publishes novel


ENVS major Francesca Varela has published her first novel, available March 7 through Homebound Publications. Call of the Sun Child is a work of young-adult fiction whose protagonist, Sempra, comes of age within a post apocalyptic society that has shut her and her community within a sealed, sustainable dome. Varela’s writing draws on environmental themes, and as a student at the University of Oregon, she continues to merge her interdisciplinary interests with dual concentrations in both Environmental Studies and Creative Writing. To learn more about Francesca, please visit her personal website here.

Call of the Sun Child is written in a haunting and beautiful prose. Varela trusts her readers with figurative and poetic language that paints an almost dream-like setting in post apocalyptic America. Varela does more than write a story, she captures the vague and elusive emotions of Sempra, a girl who must learn to dream of freedom before she can pursue it.”

—Regina Sirois, author of On Little Wings