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ELP team receives research award

The Environmental Leadership Program’s 2012 Sustainable Farms Team was honored on April 25th as a recipient of an Undergraduate Library Research Award. The team consists of Amanda Whitcomb, Chelsea Johnson, Kelsey Kopec, Bret Cypel, Megan Maxon, Lauren Ward, Keane Daly, Miguel Pacheco, and Aaron Poplack.

Their project was selected by the annual competitive program as outstanding research that made creative, extensive use of UO library services and resources. In partnership with the Berggren Demonstration Farm, the Sustainable Farms team created a conservation plan for the farm that includes designs for pollinator hedgerows and an educational garden. They provided recommendations for pollinator-friendly farming practices such as creating feeding and nesting habitat through cover crops, interplantings and nest site structures. In addition, they contributed to the farm and gained a broad understanding of sustainable agriculture by assisting with farming tasks. In collaboration with local blueberry farmers, the team also conducted research on the role of native bumblebees in pollinating blueberry bushes. The students’ work will help local farmers improve pollination services and conserve native insects.

For more about their project, please visit the Sustainable Farm Team’s website.