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Brook Muller publishes book

ENVS core faculty Brook Muller has recently published a book entitled Ecology and the Architectural Imagination. In it, he “offers a series of speculations on architectural possibility when ecology is embedded from conceptual phases onward, how notions of function and structure of ecosystems can inspire ideas of architectural space making and order, and how the architect’s role and contribution can shift through this engagement. Ecological architects working in increasingly dense urban environments can create diverse spaces of inhabitation and connect project scale living systems with those at neighborhood and region scales. Equipped with ecological literacy, critical thinking and collaboration skills, designers are empowered to play important roles in the remaking of our cities.” For more information, please visit the A&AA website.

Professor Muller is also offering a lecture as part of the 20th annual Holistic Options for Planet Earth Sustainability Conference (HOPES). Please join us on April 2nd! Learn more about the conference on the HOPES website.