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Art, Visual Culture, and Climate Change – New course for Fall 2019, taught by Assistant Professor Emily Eliza Scott

Excerpt from College of Design article –

The course explores contemporary art, arts activism, and visual culture in relation to climate change, as well as the representational challenges climate change poses. The course has no-prerequisites and is open to all students. 

“It’s not just a scientific problem, or an economic problem, but it’s an issue that touches on everything—the social, ethical, and representational,” said Scott, who joined the College of Design in 2018. “How do you picture climate change? In many ways it escapes or resists straightforward representation.”

The ubiquitous images that have been used to depict climate change—of lonely polar bears on dwindling ice or cities flooded with water—don’t capture the whole story, she explained. Additionally, she noted that even climate change denialism has its own visual culture and rhetoric.

Link to Full Article – The Elusive Art Capturing Climate Change

Link to class information – Art, Visual Culture, and Climate Change