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Adam Novick to present at NWSA CPOP Conference

Adam Novick will be giving a presentation at the joint annual conference of the Northwest Scientific Association and the Cascadia Prairie-Oak Partnership on Thursday, March 21, 2013, in Portland, Oregon. Adam’s presentation is titled, “Streaked Horned Lark and a Special Rule under ESA §4(d): A Case Study of Federal Efforts to Address Regulatory Risk to Maintenance-dependent Species on Private Land”.

From his abstract:

“At various times, in various ways, and to various degrees, the US Fish and Wildlife Service has recognized and attempted to address risk to maintenance-dependent species from species-based land-use regulation. Citing currently proposed rulemaking for streaked horned lark as a case study, I argue that the Service might have found an effective and efficient mechanism to address this risk under federal law and might have an opportunity to improve the survival of such species by more fully considering its use.”

The conference schedule and other details are available here.