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Fall 2021 Environmental Studies Tip Sheet

  • Bracketed codes refer to University Requirements: Arts and Letters = [>1]; Social Science = [>2]; Science = [>3];
  • Multicultural Codes for students enrolled prior to Fall 2019 = [IC], [IP], [AC]
  • Cultural Literacy Codes starting Fall 2019: Global Perspectives = {GP} ; US = Difference, Inequality, Agency {US}

Unless otherwise noted, classes are held in person on the Eugene Main Campus.


Area 1

Environmental Studies Intro Sequence

Fall 2021 Area 1 Courses


Area 2

Lower Division Math and Science Requirements

Fall 2021 Area 2 Courses



Lower Division Natural Science Sequence Courses

Additional Natural Science Course


Area 3A

Upper-Division Natural Science Requirements. Be alert to prerequisites listed in the class schedule and UO Catalog

Fall 2021 Area 3A Courses


Area 3B

Upper-Division Social Science, Policy, Humanities, and Sustainable Design & Practice

Fall 2021 Area 3B Courses

Social Science Foundation

Social Science Elective

Policy Foundation

Header text

Header text

Policy Elective

Humanities Foundation

Humanities Elective

Sustainable Design & Practice Foundation

Sustainable Design & Practice Elective


Area 4

Environmental Issues Courses

Fall 2021 Area 4 Courses


Area 5

Practical Learning Experience (PLE)

Fall 2021 Area 5 Courses


**Only one ERTH 30X class may count towards ENVS/ESCI major requirements
OIMB= Oregon Institute of Marine Biology
ASYNC WEB= No on-campus meetings or scheduled meeting times. Class is


  • The tip sheet is to be used as a guide only. Changes may be made to the class schedule after the tip sheets have been published.
  • Any class on the tip sheet or requirement sheet is guaranteed to count toward the major in the Area under which it is listed for that particular term.
  • Up to three ENVS courses may count towards different general education group requirements if ENVS is your primary major
  • Some courses may be restricted to certain majors for the first few days of registration. You can look up individual CRN information in the class schedule to learn about pre-requisites, fees, field trips, registration restrictions and other important information.