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Graduate Student Funding

Graduate Teaching Fellowships

Students admitted to our graduate programs typically receive a Graduate Teaching Fellowship, which carries with it a full tuition waiver, health insurance, and a salary. In recent years, our master’s students have received at least two years of support. Doctoral students receive support for the number of years that is typical within their focal departments. In all cases, continued support is contingent on the student making satisfactory progress toward the degree. Graduate Teaching Fellows are represented in collective bargaining with the University by the Graduate Teaching Fellows Federation.

Graduate Teaching Fellows in our program may serve as teaching assistants, provide office support, assist in advising undergraduates, or serve as team leaders in the Environmental Leadership Program. Occasionally, depending on need and the student’s background, arrangements may be made for students to fulfill their GTF duties in another department, such as Biology or Geography.

Graduate Teaching Fellowships are considered to be an integral part of our graduate program and not merely a means of financial support. Faculty members devote a considerable amount of time and effort to training teaching and research assistants and evaluating their performance. Graduate Teaching Fellowships are thus an important part of our students’ preparation for the job market and professional life.

Students who anticipate the need for support beyond what the Environmental Studies Program will provide may secure additional Graduate Teaching Fellowship support by teaching in other departments and programs. Information on these and other current Graduate Teaching Fellowship positions may be found on the University of Oregon Graduate School’s website:

Graduate School Job Announcements

General Duties and Responsibilities Statement for GTFs in Environmental Studies (pdf)

Further Information Regarding GTF Appointments

Barker Research Support

Support from the Barker Foundation allows us to provide some funding for student research and research-related travel (e.g., to conferences). We can fund a limited number of proposals for a maximum of $750 per proposal (students may make more than one proposal for lesser amounts). Master’s students will be limited to $750 in their two-year time to degree. Doctoral students will be limited to $750 in every two-year period.

If you are planning to go to a conference, or you need some support for a research project, you may apply for funding by submitting the following materials:

  • An approximately one-page justification describing your plans and indicating how you will use the funding
  • A proposed budget and budget justification
  • A one- or two-paragraph letter of support from your advisor

Priority for conference attendance funding will be given to those who are presenting research. If attending a conference is vital for your research plans, and you are not presenting, be explicit about how your attendance at the conference will promote your research. Funding for these situations will be rare.

Submit these application materials to the Program Director, with copies to the Office Manager and the Graduate Program Coordinator. We prefer materials to be submitted via e-mail.

Proposals may be submitted at any time. Under normal circumstances you can expect a two-week turnaround on your applications.

Retroactive awards will not be considered.

Other Funding

Other funding resources may be found on the University of Oregon Graduate School’s website:
Graduate School Funding Resources