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GE Teaching Award 2020

To encourage and acknowledge excellence in the teaching of ENVS courses, the Environmental Studies Program Scholarships and Awards Committee requests your nominations for outstanding ENVS graduate teaching fellows. We will pick one annual winner near the end of spring term.  This award comes with a cash prize and will be presented and acknowledged during graduation festivities. We hope to identify those exemplifying excellence in one or more of the following aspects of effective teaching:

  • Ability to challenge and motivate students
  • Use of innovative teaching methodologies and approaches
  • Organization of curriculum (lecture, discussion, exams, homework, lab, etc.) to create an integrated learning experience.
  • Fairness regarding student abilities and needs
  • Application of theoretical concepts to current issues and events

Your nominee need not be excellent in all of these areas, and may not be particularly popular, but should provide an especially good example of one of these aspects of effective teaching.

***Nominations are not treated simply as votes, so please explain how the person you are nominating demonstrates excellence in teaching. Specific examples are especially helpful to the committee.***

Do not copy and paste text from MS Word. Unusual characters like quotes can cause errors. Please type in your comments in the boxes below, or paste from Notepad (Windows) or TextEdit (Mac).

Please explain with your nomination why you believe the person you are nominating should be recognized as an outstanding teacher. Nominations without supporting statements will not be considered.