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Featured Student: Justin Culman

Justin CulmanInitially Justin Culman was hesitant to become an Environmental Science major. The amount of credits required seemed daunting, but once he realized he could manage a four-year plan with Environmental Sciences and a double major in Geography, he was sold on switching into the program.

Justin was always drawn towards the biological sciences, from courses in high school, and the life changing experience of getting his scuba diving certification in Grand Cayman in 2013. And after taking a general education course in geography his freshman year at UO, he became engrossed in the topic. The Environmental Sciences Program provided such a direct link to geography, that he decided it made sense to learn them together. With the interdisciplinary nature of the Environmental Science Program, Justin says, he was able to “expand [his] intellect into a variety of branches in the natural sciences,” and “with such a program, double majoring was possible and has allowed [him] to take a range of amazing classes.”

Upon joining the Program, Justin has enjoyed an amazing community that truly cares about its students and the educational experience within the program. “Everyone in the program has been very helpful and encouraging in my decisions with my classes,” he says, and he decided to become a part of this by joining the Ecopeer student advising team. He says the experience has “benefited me the most by allowing me to share all the positive and wonderful experience I have had in the program to other students.”

Justin plans to complete his dual degree in Environmental Science and Geography in spring 2017, and from there he hopes to work abroad for a few years in New Zealand or Europe mapping oceans or marine life patterns. But, for now, Justin says, “I couldn’t ask for a better program or staff to be a part of!”