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ENVS Grad Student, Aimee Okotie-Oyekan, selected to participate in “Places Journal” Summer Workshop

Aimee Okotie-Oyekan, a master’s student in Environmental Studies and Community and Regional Planning, was one of 26 students nationwide chosen to participate in the Places Journal‘s Summer Writing + Editing Workshop.

Excerpt from College of Design interview with Aimee:

The Places Journal recently published Okotie-Oyekan’s essay, “A Tale of Place-Taking,” which examines environmental identity through the lens of the adaptive re-use project of transforming Bellwood Quarry to Westside Park in Atlanta’s Grove Park neighborhood.

“It felt really good to receive the nomination to participate in this writing workshop. I felt seen,” Okotie-Oyekan told the College of Design. “I had been really anxious about my progress on my thesis research, and saw the workshop as an opportunity for a structured experience that would be specifically catered to the progression of my project. What I was not expecting was to be reminded of how much I appreciate good, thoughtful writing. With the facilitation of the Places’ editors, the conclusion of the workshop brought me a framework of understanding my research topic, new connections with like-minded peers, and a renewed enthusiasm for words and their resonance”

Read the entire interview on the PPPM website:

You can also read Aimee’s Places Journal article here: