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Environmental Studies Minor

About the Minor

The Environmental Studies Minor, while providing a foundation in the natural sciences, focuses in particular on the social sciences, policy studies, environmental design, and the humanities.


The interdisciplinary minor in Environmental Studies includes:

  • Three (3) lower-division required courses
  • Five (5) upper-division required courses
  • Total credits: 32

Letter grades of C- or better must be earned in all courses applied to the minor.  At least 16 of the 32 credits must be taken at the University of Oregon. Students can count up to two upper division courses from their major department.  Students may work with their Tykeson Advisor to submit a petition to substitute an upper division ENVS course for one of the lower division requirements.

ENVS Minor Requirements (Updated 9-26-17)


Food Studies students work with academic and career advisors in the Healthy Communities flight path of Tykeson College and Career Advising at Tykeson Hall

Program Contact

ENVS Undergraduate Coordinator, Sophie Bybee: