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Environmental Studies Staff Duties and Responsibility Areas

This is meant to be a guide to help you direct your inquiries. If you are unsure of where your project or task fits please contact Monica.

Monica Guy –

  • Awards
  • Budget and Finances Building Manager Accounts Payable/Billing Grievance Issues
  • Human Resources (hiring, contracts, grievance) Inventory/Equipment
  • Maintain Faculty List Serve ( Payroll
  • Travel and Reimbursements (as a back up to Alison General Assistance

Alison Mildrexler –

  • Travel and Reimbursements Driver’s Certification Cards Event Planning & Scheduling
  • Field Trip and Travel Arrangements Personal Service Contracts Textbooks
  • Joint Campus Conference

Nathan Adams –

  • Graduate Admissions Student Campus Visits
  • General Duties and Responsibilities Statement (GDRS) Graduate Student Affairs
  • GTF Assignments
  • Joint Campus Conference (with Alison)
  • Maintain Graduate Student List Serve ( Master’s Handbook
  • Pre-­­authorization
  • Prepare GTF Contracts/Payroll Paperwork Course and Classroom Scheduling

Sophie Bybee –

  • Undergraduate Student support
  • Tykeson advising center/ENVS liason
  • Commencement
  • Course Evaluation
  • Degree Audit Reporting System
  • Updates
  • Grades
  • Graduation Clearance
  • GTF Teaching Award Nominations
  • Pre-­­authorization for Undergrads
  • Supervising Student Advisers
  • Maintain List Serves ( and