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What Graduate Students Say

What Graduate Students are Saying
About the Environmental Leadership Program


Andrew Dutterer, Stream Stewardship Team ’13 
“I cannot say enough great things about my experience as an ELP grad student Project Manager. The Project Manager role offered an incredible opportunity to develop leadership, project organization, and collaborative skills. I’m convinced that this experience played a large part in my having secured a Research Assistantship and Field Crew Leader position on a salmon restoration monitoring project in Eastern Oregon the following summer. The undergraduate students in our group were highly motivated and amazing individuals. The sense of camaraderie and shared purpose among these students was truly inspiring. The ELP is without a doubt a highlight of my overall grad school experience.”


Collin Eaton, Wetlands Wildlife Team ’13 
“As a graduate student I consider myself very fortunate to have participated in ELP in Winter 2012 and Spring of 2013. ELP is an entirely unique experience that links the classroom with real world environmental challenges in an impactful way. The program asks a lot from the students who participate and as a graduate project manager it is rewarding to see them take ownership of their project and rise to the challenge. The program is also an opportunity to gain practical project management and teamwork skills and learn some field research methods. And more importantly, it’s fun. I really appreciated the chance to connect with the community and work closely with a small group of students in a setting very different from the classroom. I would strongly encourage other ENVS graduate students to participate. “