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About the Opportunities

Participating in the Environmental Leadership Program (ELP) is one of the many exciting benefits of being an Environmental Studies graduate student. The ELP is not a graduate program, nor does it confer graduate degrees.

Rather, the ELP offers Environmental Studies Program graduate students an excellent opportunity to hone project management skills, gain supervised teaching credit, develop a network of professional contacts in the local area, and work with a small team of dedicated undergraduate students.

How it works

The ELP is an undergraduate service learning program in which graduate students play a critical role in developing the professional, leadership, communication, and technical skills of our undergraduate students.

Once you have been accepted into the ENVS graduate program, you will be eligible to become a project manager for an ELP team as part of your Graduate Teaching Fellowship assignments.

Every ELP team is led by a graduate student, and each year several graduate students are given the opportunity to serve as ELP project managers. Graduate students are matched to projects based on their individual background, interests, skills and knowledge.

To learn more

If you are considering applying to the Environmental Studies Graduate Program and you want to learn more about the opportunities with the ELP, contact Katie Lynch or Peg Boulay. If you are a current UO Environmental Studies graduate student, contact Katie or Peg, visit us in our offices or talk to your peers who have been ELP project managers.

The 2010 Turtle Team and project manager Sara Nienaber (lower left)
present a scientific poster at the Joint Campus Conference