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Environmental Humanities Newsletter

Scholarship in the humanities contextualizes and complements environmental science and policy with a focus on narrative, critical thinking, history, cultural analysis, aesthetics, and ethics. For more than twenty years, the University of Oregon has placed the environmental humanities at the center of conversations about our ecological futures.

The UO Environmental Studies Program is a national leader for integrated environmental humanities, making ours the only Association of American Universities institution to offer a fully interdisciplinary doctoral degree in this field, with a stellar placement record. Home to two of the field’s leading journals (Environmental Philosophy and Resilience: A Journal of the Environmental Humanities), the university enjoys a uniquely collaborative relationship among the sciences, arts, social sciences, policy, and law, as well as an established record of “public humanities” involvement with local and regional community partners. Research areas with outstanding opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration include bioethics, climate change, environmental justice, ecocritical theory and philosophy, food studies, health, Native American and international indigenous studies, new media, urban environmental studies, journalism, art and architecture, law, and social movements.

The Environmental Humanities Newsletter is the work of the UO Environmental Humanities Collective, associated with the Environmental Studies Program in the College of Arts and Sciences, the School of Architecture and Allied Arts, and the School of Law. Inside is evidence of the wide range of humanities disciplines within these schools and programs that provide collaborative voices and perspectives shaping research and public perceptions of environmental issues.

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