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Environmental Humanities Minor

For more information, see the Center for Environmental Futures Website.

About the Minor

The Environmental Humanities Minor helps students to understand the environment and the human condition through interdisciplinary scholarship in the humanities and allied disciplines—history, literature, philosophy, art and architecture and their histories, anthropology, sociology, and historical and cultural geography—in conversation with the natural sciences. Through interpretation, argumentation, storytelling, and the arts, Environmental Humanities students reflect on the interactions between humans and their environments over time and among different cultures, grapple with complex moral and ethical issues, think critically about the world around us, and help to transform our environmental futures through imaginative and creative projects. This minor differs from the Environmental Studies minor in its primary focus on how humanities disciplines and the arts can contribute to understandings of environmental change; environmental ethics and politics; environmental justice; climate justice; and equitable, sustainable futures. At the UO, the Environmental Humanities are also concerned with the long histories of colonialism and racism.


The minor requires 24 credits from an approved list of courses.

  • ENVS 203 (Introduction to Environmental Studies: Humanities) is required.
  • All upper-division coursework for the minor must be taken in residence at the University of Oregon. Up to 4 lower-division credits may be earned elsewhere, with approval of the ENVS Academic and Career Advisor.
  • No more than two courses for the Environmental Humanities minor may have the same subject code, with the exception of ENVS, which can be two courses beyond the required ENVS 203.
  • Only two courses taken for the minor may be used to fulfill another minor, certificate, or major.
  • Letter grades of C or better must be earned in all courses counted toward the Environmental Humanities minor.


Environmental Humanities students work with academic and career advisors in the Public Policy, Society, and Identity flight path of Tykeson College and Career Advising at Tykeson Hall

Program Contact

ENVS Undergraduate Coordinator, Sophie Bybee: