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Winter 2022 Environmental Studies Tip Sheet

Unless otherwise noted, classes are held in person on the Eugene Main Campus.

  • Bracketed codes refer to University Requirements: Arts and Letters = [>1]; Social Science = [>2]; Science = [>3];
  • Multicultural Codes for students enrolled prior to Fall 2019 = [IC], [IP], [AC]
  • Cultural Literacy Codes starting Fall 2019: Global Perspectives = {GP} ; US = Difference, Inequality, Agency {US}


** Only one ERTH 30X class may count towards ENVS/ESCI major requirements
OIMB= Oregon Institute of Marine Biology
ASYNC WEB= No on-campus meetings or scheduled meeting times. Class is


  • The tip sheet is to be used as a guide only. Changes may be made to the class schedule after the tip sheets have been published.
  • Any class on the tip sheet or requirement sheet is guaranteed to count toward the major in the Area under which it is listed for that particular term.
  • Up to three ENVS courses may count towards different general education group requirements if ENVS is your primary major
  • Some courses may be restricted to certain majors for the first few days of registration. You can look up individual CRN information in the class schedule to learn about pre-requisites, fees, field trips, registration restrictions and other important information.

Area 1 Courses: Environmental Studies Intro Sequence

Course #InstructorTitleCRNGen EdsOther
ENVS 201WalkerIntro Env Studies: Soc Sci22694>2
ENVS 202SilvaIntro Env Studies: Nat Sci22707>3


Area 2 Courses: Lower Division Math and Science Requirements


Course #TitleInstructorCRNGen EdsOther
MATH 111College Algebratbamultiple CRNs
MATH 246Calc for Biol Sci Itbamultiple CRNs
MATH 247Calc for Biol Sci IIFisher24007
MATH 251Calculus Itbamultiple CRNs
MATH 252Calculus IItbamultiple CRNs


Course #TitleInstructorCRNGen EdsOther
ERTH 418Earth & Env Data AnalyRoering21611
MATH 243Intro Probabil & StatsAddington21388
MATH 425Statistical Methods IPazdan-Siudeja21108

Lower Division Natural Science Sequence Courses

Course #TitleInstructorCRNGen EdsOther
BI 211Gen Biol I: CellsBarber21704>3
BI 212Gen Biol II: OrganismsCarrier21714>3
CH 221General Chemistry IKellman/Greenbowe23566>3
CH 222General Chemistry IIGupta23568>3
ERTH 102Explorng Earth EnvironPolizotto21580>3
ERTH 201Dynamic Planet EarthMoctezuma21805>3
ERTH 202Earth Surface/EnvironMiller21598>3
PHYS 202General PhysicsStorm21270>3

Additional Natural Science Course

Course #TitleInstructorCRNGen EdsOther
ANTH 270Intro Biological AnthSterner22962>3
ERTH 137Mountains & GlaciersTozer23770>3
ERTH 213 Geology of National ParksBlackwell22815>3
GEOG 141The Natural EnvironmentFonstad21545>3


Area 3A Courses: Upper-Division Natural Science Requirements. Be alert to prerequisites listed in the class schedule and UO Catalog

Course #TitleInstructorCRNGen EdsOther
ANTH 341Food OriginsLee24953>3ASYNC WEB
ANTH 446Practica ArchaeobotanyLee23005
BI 357 Marine Biologytba21745>3
BI 359Plant BiologyStreisfeld21753
BI 370Ecology Policha21756
BI 390 Animal Behavior Schlenoff21759
BI 399Sp St Dyn Modeling BioLouca23341
BI 471 Population EcologyDiez23406
ENVS 410Data Mgmt & VisualHallett22732
CH 335Organic Chemistry IIGlass23570
ERTH 304Fossil RecordBaxter22813>3**
ERTH 307OceanographyBaxter22816>3**
ERTH 308Oregon & Pacific NWTozer22817>3**
ERTH 310Earth Resources & EnvirMckay22818>3
ERTH 315Earth PhysicsKarlstrom21602ASYNC WEB
ERTH 332Intro Petrology (5 cr.)Wallace21605
ERTH 353 Geological HazardsBindeman21608>3
ERTH 410VolcanologyGiachetti23780
ERTH 410PaleoecoloyHopkins22794
ERTH 468Intro SeismologySahakian23781
ERTH 473Isotope GeochemistryBinderman23782
GEOG 321 ClimatologyBartlein22853>3
GEOG 360 Watershed Sci & PolMcDowell22854
GEOG 481GIScience IKohler21560
GEOG 482GIScience IIKohler21566
GEOG 485Remote Sensing ICooley21570
GEOG 486Remote Sensing IIKohler21574
GEOG 490Top Geospatial Data ScienceRyan21577
LA 415GISLee21774


Area 3B Courses: Upper-Division Social Science, Policy, Humanities, and Sustainable Design & Practice

Social Science Foundation

Course #TitleInstructorCRNGen EdsOther
ENVS 435Environmental JusticeNorgaard22738
ES 354Environmental RacismPulido20393>2,>AC, >US
GEOG 410Oregon Environ PoliticWalker22838
SOC 416Top Envirnmnt & HealthLievanos24705
SOC 416Top Environmental SocFoster23290


Social Science Elective

Course #TitleInstructorCRNGen EdsOther
GEOG 342 Geography of GlobalizationBuck22837>2ASYNC WEB
GLBL 446Dev & Soc Chg Lat AmerHindery20936
SOC 304 Commun Envir & SocietyNorgaard24685>2

Policy Foundation

If you are a graduating senior and need an Area 3B Policy Foundation course, please see an advisor in Tykeson (Scientific Discovery and Sustainability Flight Path)

Policy Elective

Course #TitleInstructorCRNGen EdsOther
EC 330 Urban & Region Ec ProbDickinson20646>2, >IP, >GP
EC 333Resour & Envir Ec IssDoering20647>2
EC 399Sp St Sustainability ECDoering20650
EC 434Environmental EconMcDermott20663
LAW 310Environmental RegulatnCrider21913
PPPM 331 Environmental MgmtHoltgrieve23169ASYNC WEB
PPPM 446 Socioecon Devel PlanJepson23251ASYNC WEB

Humanities Foundation

Course #TitleInstructorCRNGen EdsOther
ARH 368Art Visual Climate ChgScott E24991>GP
ARH 457Top Land and EnvironmentScott E20175
ENVS 345Environmental EthicsMorar22720>1
ENVS 410Ecosystm & SocietyMuraca22734
ENVS 410Diversity Int Pub LandWald22733
PHIL 340 Environmental PhilosMuraca21870>1

Humanities Elective

Course #TitleInstructorCRNGen EdsOther
FLR 320Car CulturesSayre20518

Sustainable Design & Practice Foundation

Course #TitleInstructorCRNGen EdsOther
ARCH 435Principles of Urban DesignGast20226PDX
ARCH 494MPassive Heating Rempel24858
ENVS 410Water, Pub Health, EnvRussel22731
ENVS 467Sustain AgricultureMartin22739
PPPM 442Sustainable Urban DevYang23249

Sustainable Design & Practice Elective

Course #TitleInstructorCRNGen EdsOther
ARCH 410Urb Nxt: Future CitiesLarco25026PDX (Option to join via Zoom)
ARCH 491/492Envir Control Sys I/II Kwok/Hahn20340
LA 390Urban FarmKeeler23925
LA 429Civic AgricultureKeeler23930
LA 475Hist Landscape Arch IIEischeid23933
LA 415GISLee21774
LA 410Design for Climate ActionKo25241

Area 4 Courses: Environmental Issues Courses

Course #TitleInstructorCRNGen EdsOther
ENVS 411Maps as PowerVinyeta22735
ENVS 425Top Env Ed Thry & PracLynch22736
ENVS 427Envir & Eco Monitoring Boulay22737

Area 5 Courses: Practical Learning Experience (PLE)

Course #TitleInstructorCRNGen EdsOther
ENVS 404Internshiptba22725