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ENVS COVID-19 Academic Policies

For university-wide academic policy changes due to COVID-19, see the Office of the Registrar’s 2020-2021 Temporary Changes.

Pass/No Pass Options

Students will be able to take any course P/NP during spring, summer, or fall 2020 without penalty. In other words, you will be able to count any courses you take Spring 2020 P/NP, Summer 2020 P/NP, or Fall 2020 P/NP for ENVS/ESCI major requirements and ENVS minor requirements. The deadline to change grading options for fall term has been extended to December 21, 2020. We recommend that you keep the graded option for now, then decide immediately following the end of the term if you want to change the grade to P/NP. 

Internship Options

Because UO is offering limited in-person courses during Fall 2020 and Winter 2021, students may earn ENVS 404 credit for in-person internships that follow Oregon’s policies for COVID-19 safety. However, we encourage students to pursue remote internship opportunities.