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November 15, 2021

ENVS Assistant Professor Alexandra Rempel Featured in Around the O

Passive solar could furnish a third of home heating needs:

Read the article here:


October 21, 2021

ENVS Director Mark Carey part of team going to study glacial fjords in Greenland as part of NSF grant

See article in Around the O here

September 15, 2021

Lucas Silva receives prestigious Fund for Faculty Excellence Award for the 2021-22 academic year

Provost announces 20 recipients of Faculty Excellence Awards | Around the O (

June 9, 2021

Stacy Alaimo: recipient of the 2021 Presidential Fellows in Humanistic Studies

The award will help Alaimo complete Deep Blue Ecologies: Science, Aesthetics, and the Creatures of the Abyss, a book that investigates how aesthetic images of deep-sea life circulate through science, art, popular culture, and environmental advocacy. The book spans 100 years and explores how the images of deep-sea creatures have both threatened scientific authority and amplified scientific reception. Stacy Alaimo is a Professor of English and Core Faculty in ENVS.

May 4, 2021

Sarah Wald and Mark Carey featured in Around the O.

ENVS Core Faculty Sarah Wald’s research examining issues of equity and diversity in outdoor recreation and public land use and ENVS Program Director Mark Carey’s Glacier Lab are both featured in the publication.

Check it out here: and

April 23, 2021

Congratulations to Barbara Muraca, Marsha Weisiger, Kari Norgaard, ENVS Core Faculty, for their recent I3 research award.

Congratulations to Barbara, Marsha, Kari, and Kirby (in English) for their recent I3 research award. Four interdisciplinary teams have been awarded seed funding through the Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation to pursue interdisciplinary research projects. Read full article here:

January 6, 2021

Brendan Bohannan selected for the Humbolt Research Award

From Around the O:

UO biologist (and ENVS Core Faculty) Brendan Bohannan has received the Humboldt Research Award from the Germany-based Alexander von Humboldt Foundation in recognition of his distinguished academic career.

The 60,000-euro prize is awarded to internationally renowned scientists and scholars who work outside of Germany.

Read full article here:

May 7, 2020

UO biologist and ENVS Core Faculty Brendan Bohannan receives the Humboldt Research Award from the Germany-based Alexander von Humboldt Foundation in recognition of his distinguished academic career.

July 18, 2019

Collaboration between ENVS Faculty Nicolae Morar and Brendan Bohannan, urging changes in the language of the microbiome featured in Around the O

Excerpt from Around the O article:

Philosopher Nicolae Morar was perplexed by various metaphors tossed about by scientists studying the human microbiome. Microbiologist Brendan Bohannan was sure that thinking of the human body as an ecosystem correctly framed the research being done at the University of Oregon and elsewhere.

Three years later, after what Bohannan calls the most intensive collaboration he’s ever had, the two members of the UO’s Environmental Studies Program see eye to eye and, perhaps, equally changed in their assessment of a field that has exploded since the National Institutes of Health launched the Human Microbiome Project in 2007.

To read more, check out the full article:

ENVS Master’s Alum Raj Vable recognized as one of “100 Ducks Who Made A Difference”

Excerpt from Around the O website: Vable, MS ’12 (environmental studies), launched Young Mountain Tea in 2013 while on a Fulbright Fellowship in the Kumaon region.

At the time he was working with Avani, a Himalayan nonprofit that converts dead pine needles to fuel, giving people an alternative to chopping down trees. Inspired by the region’s potential to produce teas on par with neighboring Darjeeling, Vable promised Avani if they would plant tea, he would buy their entire harvest; the partners received a grant to get started and Young Mountain Tea was born.

Vable later secured a fellowship to open a Young Mountain Tea store in the US, now in Springfield. Since then, he’s won a World Tea award for building India’s next generation of tea producers and his company has secured national distribution for Kumaon teas.

Congratulations to Raj!

Study of oxygen levels in South Slough conducted by ENVS doctoral student and faculty featured in Around the O

A study led by Geoffrey Johnson, doctoral student in the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies Program was recently featured in Around the O. Check out the article here:

Co-authors on the study, which was published in the journal Estuaries and Coasts, were David Sutherland and Josh Roering, professors in the Department of Earth Sciences; Nathan Mathabane, a former graduate student in Roering’s lab; and Daniel Gavin, a professor in the Department of Geography.

“The study, Johnson said, potentially sets a starting point for exploring the historical record of estuaries to the north in the Pacific Northwest, many of which have been more prone to disruptions generated by hypoxia than the more southern estuaries.”

Two ENVS core faculty and one participating faculty receive UO Sustainability Awards!

Congratulations to Lucas Silva for receiving the 2019 Research Award sponsored by the Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation. This award recognizes a University of Oregon researcher whose research has made significant contributions to human knowledge related to sustainability.

Congratulations to Kory Russel (as well as colleagues Yekang Ko and Jacques Abelman) for receiving the 2019 Town and Gown Award sponsored by Community Relations. This award recognizes individuals or groups for projects that promote, educate or enhance a more sustainable community. 

Congratulations to Sarah Stapleton for receiving the 2019 Excellence in Teaching Award sponsored by Office of the Provost’s Teaching Engagement Program. This award recognizes faculty who have developed pedagogy and curriculum which reinforce and advance principles of sustainability through course design and instruction.

Check out the Around the O article about the awards:

For more information on the awards, follow this link:

Recent ENVS alum collaborates with Material and Product Studies alum to create biodegradable plastic

ENVS alum Justin Lebuhn along with David Crinnion and Tanner Stickling, both Material and Product Studies alum launched Portland-based Algotek in 2018. They’re marketing the company’s biodegradable plastic as an alternative material for packaging and other items that are used only once. The group participated in the university’s 2017 Sustainable Invention Immersion Week, an annual entrepreneurial boot camp and competition for green business ideas.

Photos courtesy of Algotek (featured) and Sarah Northrop/Daily Emerald
April 9, 2019

Community for Environmental Leaders & the Grow Pod Lab featured in Around the O

The Community for Environmental Leaders Academic Residential Community (ARC) and the Grow Pod Lab were featured in this Around the O article. Briana Meier, a doctoral student in the environmental sciences, studies and policy program and graduate employee in the Office of Sustainability has served an essential role with the Lab in it’s inaugural year. Briana and Steve Mital, UO Office of Sustainability Director will present “The Grow Pod Lab: A UO Indoor Agriculture Experiment” at the food studies Food Talks series on April 19.

March 26, 2019

Two ENVS Doctoral Candidates receive prestigious campus awards

Congratulations to Briana Meier who has been selected as one of the recipients of the Gary E. Smith Summer Professional Development Award. The award is designed to support outstanding graduate and law students pursuing academic, professional development or training enrichment opportunities during the summer.

Congratulations to Dan Shtob who has won the 2019 Graduate Teaching Excellence Award from the University of Oregon.  This is a highly prestigious award that, in the words of the Graduate School, “was established to recognize the outstanding teaching performance of experienced GEs who also excel in their academic degree program.”

Briana Meier
Dan Shtob

February 1, 2019

ENVS and Sociology Associate Professor, Kari Norgaard featured in National Geographic

ENVS and Sociology Associate Professor, Kari Norgaard featured in National Geographic article about rising concern around climate change.


Homes and businesses were left in devastation by Hurricane Michael in October 2018 in Mexico Beach, Florida. Storms like this are waking more people up to a changing climate. Photograph by Mark Wallheiser, Getty Images

Homes and businesses were left in devastation by Hurricane Michael in October 2018 in Mexico Beach, Florida. Storms like this are waking more people up to a changing climate.
Photograph by Mark Wallheiser, Getty Images

January 15, 2019

Wolves in Oregon course featured in Oregon Quarterly

ENVS 411 Wolves in Oregon: Conversations in Conservation and Controversy, a course designed by ENVS senior instructor and co-director of the Environmental Leadership Program Peg Boulay is the focus of this Oregon Quarterly article.

December 20, 2018

ENVS professor studies the relationship between wildfire and landslides in the PNW

ENVS professor Josh Roering is the focus of this Around the O article about the increased threat of landslides as wildfires rise.


October 19, 2018

ENVS Assistant Professors focus projects that look at climate stresses on West Coast rangeland

ENVS Assistant Professors Lauren Hallett and Lucas Silva are the focus of this Around the O article on the effects of climate change on soil biology.


October 2, 2018

ENVS Program Director Mark Carey receives prestigious King Albert Mountain Award

ENVS Program Director and Professor of History, Mark Carey received the prestigious King Albert Mountain Award at a ceremony in Switzerland in September 2018.  The honor is given to “persons or institutions that have distinguished themselves in some way in the mountain world”.  The certificate recognized Carey for his lifelong devotion to the mountains, which began as a park ranger at Mount Rainier and Glacier National parks, his studies in Latin American and environmental history, his teaching role, and his Glacier Lab for the Study of Ice and Society.  Read more about Mark’s achievement in Around the O.

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