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Environmental Leadership Program MyMcKenzie Project Featured in Cascade Magazine

Through photography and interpretation, students created a portrait of the McKenzie River. As they discovered the river and its people, they sought to reflect the river’s colors and motion, as well as the many relationships people have with this remarkable place. Their work was featured in the Spring 2012 issue of Cascade Magazine.

Read the team’s photo essays and enjoy more of their pictures by visiting their website! Visit Columbia Hall to see their photography exhibit on display.

Project Background

The McKenzie River has long been important for clean drinking water, fish and wildlife habitat, recreation, hydropower, irrigation, transportation, and inspiration. However, it has been impacted by development, habitat loss, channelization, water diversion and other impacts. Despite these challenges, it is still an incomparable treasure and one of the last strongholds for wild salmonids.

It is our hope and belief that people will protect and restore the McKenzie if they appreciate its special wild beauty. Images can evocatively capture the ever-changing and sometimes hidden personality of a place. Come experience the magic of the McKenzie through photography and stories and contemplate your own relationship to our unique heritage, the McKenzie River.

ELP Student Photo Credits (clockwise from top left): Mason Trinca, Rick Gurule, Angelina Hellar, Cassidy Ventura, and Nathan Ogata.