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Featured Faculty: Brendan Bohannan

«The Environmental Studies Program has helped me think in a truly interdisciplinary way. I’m a better teacher, better environmental scientist and better citizen because of it.»

Prof. Bohannan joined the University of Oregon faculty in September of 2006, after eight years on the faculty at Stanford University. He is an Associate Professor in the Biology Department as well as serving as core faculty for the Environmental Studies Program. He is particularly fascinated with the diversity of microbial life and much of his research is focused on understanding the causes and consequences of microbial biodiversity. Recent work includes studies of the spatial scaling of bacterial biodiversity, the response of bacterial and archaeal communities to environmental change, and the role of spatial structure in the generation and maintenance of bacterial and viral diversity.

Brendan has research projects around the world, including in the Brazilian Amazon, South Africa, Australia, Michigan, and Oregon. His work has been published in the journals Nature, Science, PLoS, PNAS and many others. Brendan was awarded a Williams Fellowship and a Wulf Professorship in recognition of his teaching at UO, which includes Ecology (BI 370), Community Ecology (BI472/572), and the Philosophy of Ecology (BI410/510, with Ted Toadvine).

When not professing, Brendan can be found climbing mountains or digging in his garden.

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