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Graduating with Honors

All eligible students in Environmental Studies and Science are encouraged to participate in the Honors Program. Katie Lynch and Peg Boulay are the ENVS Honors Coordinators and can be contacted at klynch [at], in 140A Columbia Hall, 346-5070 or boulay [at] in 242 Columbia Hall, 346-5945.

Honors Program

Honors in Environmental Studies has two components; grade point average, and the completion of a comprehensive student project.

Program Requirements:

  1. Students must have a 3.3 overall GPA and a 3.5 GPA in classes required for the major.
  2. A research-based thesis or creative project conducted under the direction of a faculty advisor. The project must involve some degree of primary research subject to approval by an Honors Coordinator (=your academic advisor).

Complete 8 credits of Research (401) and/or Thesis (403) in ENVS or other appropriate department. These credits must be distributed over at least two terms and can substitute for one upper division natural science elective (Science majors) or one upper division social science/humanities (Studies majors).

Honors theses written for the Honors College of another department may be used to fulfill ENVS honors requirements if they address environmental issues and meet the ENVS primary research criterion.

Timeline for honors thesis

End of Fall Quarter

- Establish an area of interest (you may build on past works or papers)
– Identify faculty sponsors
– Contact your undergraduate advisor (Peg Boulay or Katie Lynch)
– Write Draft Prospectus (Outline idea for thesis paper)
– Turn in preliminary bibliography

Winter Quarter

- Secure faculty sponsors
– Register for 4 credits of research (401)

Spring Quarter

- Register for 4 credits of Thesis (403)
– Make arrangements for oral presentation

Graduating with honors

Writing a senior thesis is good preparation for future professional positions and graduate studies. It provides an opportunity to develop your research (especially primary research) and professional writing skills. Graduating with honors demonstrates a high level of initiative and ability to work independently. An honors thesis is a way to become an expert on a topic of interest and gain recognition for your outstanding academic work.