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Environmental Student Groups

American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air Conditioning Engineers (UO ASHRAE)

Formed in 1999, UO ASHRAE is the University of Oregon student chapter of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers. ASHRAE focuses on enriching the experience of architecture and design students through knowledge of mechanical and environmental control systems in buildings. ASHRAE also works to increase integration of the many disciplines within design, construction, and science. Members get to talk with professionals and other students, tour campus and community buildings, and see firsthand the inner workings of buildings that keep people comfortable and safe-places you never get a chance to see otherwise! ASHRAE also provides travel opportunities around the US and hosts events like brewery and restaurant tours, guest speakers, and LEED Green Associates training workshops.


Center for the Advancement of Sustainable Living (CASL)

CASL strives to inspire ecologically and socially conscious living practices through experiential learning. CASL will soon operate a state-of-the-art demonstration home for low-impact living near campus. We currently hold workshops, classes and tours that connect university of oregon students and faculty with community organizations and local professionals. Ultimately, the house at 1801 moss st will be the home of three CASL directors who will facilitate tours, maintain the grounds, and will be exemplars of easy and economical living.


Climate Justice League (CJL)

The mission of the Climate Justice League is to empower students to organize their communities and be leaders in the climate justice movement. By using targeted campaigns, we will work together toward a safe, just and sustainable future for all.

Ecological Design Center (EDC)

Since its inception the Ecological Design Center has strived to inform individuals regarding environmental issues through a variety of means, design projects, workshops, panels, and keynote speakers.

Edible Campus Initiative (Edible Campus)

Edible Campus is dedicated to providing students with the opportunity to take care of their own garden plots. We think it is important that all students know where their food comes from and what goes into its production. We rent plots to students on a yearly basis as well as provide workshops that give plot owners and the general student body skills to use garden resources effectively.

Net Impact Undergraduate Chapter (NI Undergrad)

Net Impact is an international non-profit organization for students and professionals interested in combining sustainability strategies with business. Our mission is “to improve the world by growing and strengthening a network of new leaders who are using the power of business to make a positive net social, environmental, and economic impact.” All are welcome to come learn about and participate in our campaigns, conferences, speakers, and educational opportunities.

Slow Food (SFUO)

Slow Food is the opposite of fast food- it takes time to grow, prepare and then share with others. It is about taking time to question the foods we put in our bodies. As a campus chapter, we do not try to push any type of agenda, except learning more about food and where it comes from. Slow Food accepts all people, ideas and viewpoints with the goal of building stronger and more intimate connections between communities and the food they eat.