Administrative & Faculty Resources

ENVS Program Committees and Administration

ENVS Committees 2013-2014
Internal Governance Policies
Office of Academic Affairs

Advising Resources

Guidance for Faculty Advisors, ENVS Masters Program
Course plan guidelines, ENVS Masters Program

Faculty Travel

Environmental Studies Program Travel Approval Procedures
Travel Approval Form
UO Travel Procedures (Business Affairs Office)

Reimbursement Forms

Mileage Reimbursement Form

 ENVS Miscellaneous Reimbursement Form

Field Trip Planning

Field Trip Planning Instructions
Office of Risk Management (forms and field trip procedures)
Checklist for Field Trips
State Owned or Leased Vehicles on UO Business
Personal/Privately Owned Vehicles
Oregon State University Motor Pool
Travel Itinerary Form

Event Planning

ENVS Equipment and Room Reservation
Classroom Specifications and Equipment
UO Scheduling & Events
University Catering

Faculty Library Resources

UO Library System
Environmental Studies Program at the UO Scholars’ Bank
UO Libraries: Resources for Environmental Studies
UO Libraries: Faculty Services

Other Faculty Resources
UO A-Z Index
Computer Center
Human Resources
Merit Review Policy
UO Course Evaluations